Kalepo Camp Namunyak

Kalepo Camp Namunyak is situated on the dry river with the sweeping and the gorgeous views of the majestic and the magnificent Mathews Mountains. Kalepo camp is a perfect choice for the travelers to stay on a Kenya safari as this is a private use, family friendly, luxury tented camp that offers the exclusive use of 390,000 acres straddling in the amazing landscape in the both sides of the Mathews Mountains.

Kalepo camp Namunyak is amazing and it is located well in the very strategic in the heart of Samburu National Reserve , Northern Kenya where the people and the wildlife co-exist as they have done for centuries. The camp is the perfect place to stay as it offers the guests with the endless spotting of the amazing wildlife that you can be able to see as you are sited right at the balcony of your camp that offers you the great love after spotting the country’s spectacular wildlife.

The camp gives the safari opportunities from the authentic Kijijis Samburu villages to the amazing animal species like the elephants, then the singing wells to the soaring mountains. Kalepo camp appreciates your presence as it gives you the chances to explore the diversity of Kenya’s ‘’Big North’’.

Accommodation at Kalepo camp Namunyak.

Kalepo camp Namunyak has got the tent configuration that is 3 double/Twin en-suite luxury tents, 1 family unit with 2 adjacent double/twin en-suite luxury tents. Additional children can be accommodated in camping tents. The tents at the camp have got the lounge and the dining tent with the outdoor seating area, and a small library/shop pavilion that offers the guest the wonderful and elusive views of the Mathews Mountains. The Kikwar Lugga and the camp waterhole where the guests can spot the various number of animal species as they are drinking the water from the waterhole hence making their perfect stay at the camp.

Kalepo Camp Namunyak
Kalepo Camp Namunyak

Activites at Kalepo camp Namunyak.

Kalepo camp Namunyak offers guests who come to stay at the camp with the diverse numbers of the different and the most awesome safari activities. The camp being on the total exclusivity of 39,000 acres straddling both sides of the Mathews Mountains that is the campo has got the 100% freedom for the private guides to run the entire place as well as them giving the best safari activities to the guests.

Guests enjoy the cultural safari experiences with the Samburu people including the Kijiji (village) as this where the guests get to engage themselves and as well as interacting with the Samburu and enjoy the walks, with the herdsmen and singing wells. During the interaction that’s when the guests get to know how the Samburu people do live, and also that’s when the guests get to participate in the daily activities that are done by the Samburu without forgetting being entertained in the music, dances and songs where the guests experiences the best cultural safari moments.

Guests on a safari to Kalepo camp Namunyuk enjoy walking with the Samburu guides to the network of the luggas and exploring the Mathew mountains where the guests get to experience and explore the diverse number of animal species, bird species like Cycad, Encephalartos tegulaneus, plant species and among many others that makes their safari the most remembered one.

On a safari at Kalepo camp Namunyak the guests do get the chance to spot the various animal species like African wild dog, impala lion, greater kudu, gerenuk, leopard, giraffe and various primates like De Brazza colobus monkey that includes the different numbers of primates and animal species that can be seen through game-driving safaris with the help of the well experienced safari guides which makes their safari the perfect one.

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