Activities in Karura Forest

Activities in Karura Forest  : Karura Forest is located in the Northern part of Nairobi Capital city. The urban forest was gazette in 1932 and became a property of Kenya’s government under the Kenya Forest Services. Karura Forest covers an area of about 1,041 ha (2,570 acres) and is subdivided into 3 major parts including the mid portion measuring 710 ha (1750 acres), 50 ha (620 acres), Sigiria salient west of the forest amid the rest east of Kiambu. Karura forest is one of the most extensive forests for a Kenya safari in urban areas and contains a variety of the indigenous tree species and harbor about 200 different bird species.

Activities done in Karura Forest.

Zip lining.

Zip lining is the famous activity done in Karura forest, here the responsible team ensures the safety of the tourists from end to end. The zip lining activity is of unforgettable experience although it can be overwhelming for first timers and people with height fears, the guides recommend zip lining an activity to help visitors with height fears to overcome the fear.

Activities in Karura Forest
Zip Linning

Trail Biking.

The tourists who visit the Karura Forest can as well hire a sturdy multi-speed trail bike to use on the designated forest trails. There are three bike depots on the KFEET grounds best accessible through Gate A (Limuru Road) or Gate D (off ICRAF Road), second rental point at Gate C (a.k.a Sharks) off Kiambu Road and another at Gate F off Thigiri ridge road, the, main entrance to Sigiri Gate.

Dog guidelines.

Dog walking, especially in an urban environment is good exercise and pastime for both dogs and owners. In order to provide a pleasant experience for the dogs, the owners and other forest visitors, are required to adhere some of the simple guidelines. Bringing the dogs into a national forest reserve is a privilege not aright.

The dogs entering the Karura forest are issued a dog tag card, which leashed steadily, and must stay off areas marked, as every dog in the Karura forest reserve bears a bandana colour code, determining how the people behave while taking a dog walking safari.

Tennis guidelines.

Tourists who visit the Karura Forest are highly welcome and allowed to use the tennis courts at the KFEET centre that is daily from 07:00 am to 17:00 pm. In this both the single and double games are allowed. The proper tennis shoes should be worn on courts two and three. Note all bookings should be done one day in advance to avoid the inconvenience.

Sports and trainings.

Karura forest has got the sports grounds, there are tennis courts, a basketball court, and a makeshift football pitch near the Gate A parking. For you it’s a matter of bringing your own ball, and start playing during your safari to Karura forest, here you can even have a fully populated match within a few minutes. The sports grounds cost Ksh 200 for the adults and Ksh 100 for the children under 14 years per hour, while relaxing your minds and at the same time enjoying the activity.


Karura forest has over 50 km of trails, there is an exciting new path to follow every time you visit. Here during the trekking activity you’re advised to wear the appropriate walking shoes, as the trails are hillier than you would imagine and could cause you to strain if you are in the wrong footwear, carry enough water during trekking and if possible carry one or two banana.


Jogging is also among the activities done in the Karura Forest, this is considered as among the most activities that the tourists love during their Kenya safari in Karura forest as this can be done in about 5 to 10 and 15km trails are marked along the forest paths.

Bird watching.

Karura forest is one of the most extensive forests in the urban areas and contains a variety  of over 200 different birds, the bird watchers who come to visit the Karura forest can be able to spot the various bird species in the forest that includes the Ayres Hawk- eagle, the African Crowned Eagle, the Silvery-cheeked Hornbill, Hartlaub’s Turaco, the Narina Trogon, the African Wood Owl, Crested Cranes, Sparrows, Doves, Weavers, Vultures and many, during your safari to Karura forest you can enjoy the best and keep the best memories.

Activities in Karura Forest
Bird watching

Tree planting.

During the ‘’ short rains’’ have arrived early, and it’s time to plant trees and help the Karura to grow forest, the so called the short rains have started early, and so far it’s wettest October in 74 years. If you want to plant trees in the Karura forest, you allowed to visit the forest during the period of the short rains and also have the chance to planting a tree which connects the nature and humanity that shows the social responsibility and individual philanthropy secure natural resources.

Viewing the scenic land presentation.

Tourists during their safari to Karura Forest can sit quietly and experiencing the serenity of nature in all forms which is another activity in the Karura forest, the tourists can sit in the forest reserve’s calm, quiet, serene, and peaceful environment and have perfect meditation session.

The tourists during their sitting and capturing the serenity of the forest will honestly feel like sitting there the all day.

Horse riding.

Horse riding is one of the most amazing activities that the tourists participate in the Karura Forest at nearby stables, the Karura forest is the best place for the horse riding that is mainly for the recreational uses rather than competition.

The horse riding price of non-exclusive for the adults in Karura forest is Ksh 800 and then the children is Ksh 400.

Activities in Karura Forest
Horse riding

Photo shooting.

Photo shooting in Karura forest is also another eye-catching activity in the reserve as the spot has many breathtaking views. The tourists always love the photo shooting in the Karura Forest because the photos that are done in the forest are always creative, unique, communicate which as well serve as apiece for the future reference, as well the photographers are enjoying the various sounds of birds, the cool smell of the forest while taking the photos.


The guests who visit the Karura Forest usually enjoy the numerous activities and as well the movie or the film shooting. Though the Karura forest is an excellent spot for the filming activities or sessions, the filming right is Ksh 40,000 per day.

Team building.

Team building is also among the main activities that is done in the Karura forest, this is the gathering in a fraction of the forest reserve can be for the several events like during the charity fundraising or the promotional events like the concerts, weddings, exhibitions, sports and fitness, educational tours and many more.

Karura Forest is the most recognized forest surrounded by the large spruce trees species that is a picturesque nature reserve which stretches 3.2 miles north of Nairobi that offers the safari adventures for the perfect destination for the variety of activities to the tourists.

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