Best souvenirs to buy in Kenya

Best souvenirs to buy in Kenya : Souvenirs are things that are kept as reminders of a person, place or the event, mostly these are the things that are bought by a traveler as to help to keep a reminder of a special event and this can be an event or a safari holiday as the souvenirs are such amazing and vital to be purchased that will keep reminding you about the special safari that you had, for example on a safari in Kenya most of the tourists do buy themselves the souvenirs that helps them to remember their Kenya safari.

Souvenirs are important component of the tourist experience, with the most tourists bringing back the mementos and the souvenirs as the evidence, and most of the people like to be reminded of the special moments in their lives and to hold evidence of those special moments.

Best souvenirs to buy in Kenya.


Beads are the most beautiful and always colored bead work of Kenya, the beads are famous and very recognizable in various images, documentaries amongst in Maasai and Samburu people that make various beaded items, and historically the jewelry is made from the clay, wood and bone, copper, brass though the Europeans introduced the tiny and colorful glass beads that are popular in Kenya today.

Best souvenirs to buy in Kenya
Samburu people

On a safari in Kenya you can grab yourself the bead souvenir and it can be such astonishing when you buy directly in their villages from the women who make the jewelry as they will relate you the meaning of the colors and traditional patterns, that signify things like purity, bravery, energy and they proceed showing you the variety of some of the special items to be worn specifically the unmarried, married men or women, warriors and also by the other individuals in the tribe and among others, the beads are the strongest souvenirs that a tourist can grab while going back home because of its meaning.

Handmade drums.

Handmade drum is such amazing and a unique souvenir that a tourist to get in Kenya, as this can be completely hand crafted from the scratch with the various materials that are used to make them this is made from the animal hide to cover the top of the drum. Mostly the drums in Kenya are used as the musical instruments that even you can easily encounter during the cultural safaris as the hand drum can be played as they produce the sound. The handmade drums are mostly sold in the craft shops, therefore to buy the most durable and effective you can interact with the shopkeepers to be sure about the crafts are locally and ethically before buying one.

Maasai Blanket/Shuka.

Maasai blanket is such loved by every tourist despite being most loved but also its known as the national dress of the Maasai people, the Maasai blanket is the daily used souvenirs also they can be used as picnic blanket, tablecloth or you can use it to cover yourself during the cold seasons.

Mostly the Maasai people wear the red shukas while wrapping around their bodies as their part of culture of which they believe that the red shukas scares the lions, the Maasai are the semi-nomadic tribe of warriors so grabbing yourself a Maasai blanket as a souvenir is so important on the other hand you be supporting the Maasai people.

The Maasai blankets are mostly purchased from the Maasai village or the souvenir shop where you can get yourself a Maasai blanket at a cheaper amount that can be found in Nairobi or in any other Kenyan city, if you buy yourself a Maasai blanket on a safari it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

Wooden animal carvings.

Wooden animal carvings are beautiful souvenirs that you should get on a safari in Kenya, the wooden animal carvings are made by the Maasai people that make them relating on the actual spotting of various animal species that they see in various national parks and national reserves of Kenya more especially in Maasai Mara National Reserve, and mostly your tour guide is the one that helps you to take you where the wooden animal carvings can be bought in the Maasai shops in Kenya, the animal carvings can be in different sizes and all these are affected with your payments.

Soapstone carvings.

Soapstone carvings are like a piece of soap that originates from the name, these majorly can be the sculpture carvings of the animals, people and abstract art are popular items, these are such amazing souvenirs and can be found in the craft markets all around Kenya also the decorative bowls and wide shallow spoon are also widely around featuring the safari scene or the abstract pattern, carved into the stone and inked with black and range of bright colors.

Food spices from MacKinnon market Mombasa.

For the food lovers Kenya still explorers you to the best souvenirs that you can take for yourselves back home and even to your friends, the MacKnnon market has got the local saffron, lighter than the ones that you are used to, these food species are such tasty that gives your food a hint of flavor and yellow color to your dishes, also there are red flavors that are perfect for the fish all these can be displayed by the vendors and these are best bought at the bargaining rate.

Beaded Bowls

Not only that the beads are used to make the jewelry and necklaces, as well the beads are used by the Maasai to make the bowls, plates and many other products that are used every day in homes these include coasters to the wine baskets.

Best souvenirs to buy in Kenya
Beaded Bowls

In Kenya the Goodie’s African Interiors and Gift shop is a great destination where you can get the beaded bowls, and as well if you get time you can place your order while specifying the color, size and the type of the beads that you want and either if it should be ceramic, glass, wood and among others according to what you want and if you have the limited time you can as well pick the bowls already on sale as a souvenir to take home.

Kikoi and Khangas/ Sarong-style wraps.

Khanga, Kikoi or Kitenge is a large piece of the fabric commonly worn as clothing, wrapped around the body or legs at times they are used to create slings to carry young children, also these colorful and beautiful fabrics are great souvenirs as they can be worn, sarong-style, throws and wall-hangings and also used as the table cloth, these are mostly found in the general markets, in some craft shops these can be bought to the friend or take as your own souvenir.

Not only those mentioned above Kenya has got other souvenirs that can be bought and taken home after a safari that includes the following, baskets, spears, Baobab handbags, safari chairs, coffee, tribal masks, handed crafted by Maasai Leather products, Kenyan snacks, Maasai footwear, safari chairs, Kitengela glass and among others because these will make your safari a meaningful with a souvenir going back home with.

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