Camp Nakawa Undiri

Camp Nakawa Undiri is stunning camping site, with the most suitable serene environment, the environment is so attractive even if you reach there and you rill feel like camping, Camp Nakawa Undiri its self attracts you with its magical plush vegetation that surrounds the campsite. The place is a great camping safari with the most loved enough space where you can pitch yourself a camping tent, and relax from the nature environment that is free from the noise of the city and free from the pollutants.

Camp Nakawa Undiri is just located outside Kikuyu town in Kenya that is approximately one hour from Nairobi, this is the perfect place to go whenever your in need of the fresh air, the most lush gardens, when you visit this particular place even if you are stressed and have a look at the most colorful gardens surrounding Camp Nakawa Undiri you feel joy in your heart that is nature is the strong heart behind everything including the birds species, humans, animal species and among others, the place is also attractive because of its most recommended comfortable and no noisy neighbors which makes your body and mind fresh on your safari

Camp Nakawa Indiri has got the most loved spectacular atmosphere for everyone to survive in, the camp area unites everyone on a safari that is favors the individual retreats, family parties, corporate team building events, for your super comfort camping safari with you will never get disappointed in everything.

Camp Nakawa Undiri is such grateful it provides you with the communal fire pit, this is enjoyed by everyone who camps at Nakawa camp because camping is meant having a roaring campfire during your Kenya camping safari still to add on the camp staff do as well provide you with the camp logs wherever your staying inside the Camp Nakawa Undiri, though the communal fire is always strategically located between the bar and kitchenette such as to keep yourself enjoying the warmth and your time spent at the camp, also you can get yourself a drink from the bar inside the camp Nakawa which makes you to stay attentive and enjoying from the communal fire.

Camping tents at the Camp Nakawa Undiri.

Camp Nakawa Undiri has got 2-shared or 3-shared tents that can be rented out to the campers who come for the camping safari, in case they fail to bring their own camping gears, and to add on that there are also large tents to be shared by 4, 6 or 10 people. The campsite has got the mattresses and the pillows that goes with the rented tents also they can be rented out separately, in case you go to the camp Nakawa without the tent, or mattress do not worry much because the camping tents and mattresses are always provided but on the charge.

Camp Nakawa Undiri has got the private rooms that are well self-contained and well equipped with 4by 6 beds, blankets, clean bed sheets, mosquito nets, in case you do not need to stay in the tents as well the rooms contain the bathroom with hot shower and the flush toilet which sustains and supports your stay at the camp to be long.

Bar and Kitchenette.

Camp Nakawa Undiri has a well-stocked and designed bar area in the camping place where the campers do grab themselves the drinks as they are relaxing in the camping places as well the camp has got the kitchenette that is well built with everything including the water and electricity, also it has got the pantry or store to keep all visitor’s food products that you come along with still the kitchenette provides you with the best delicious meals that can be served to you but on your own charge.

Camp Nakawa Undiri
Camp Nakawa Undiri

Green and beautiful gardens.

Camp Nakawa Undiri is surrounded by the very serene environment that is so green meaning the place is clean to accommodate everyone due to the fact that place has got the plush vegetation, and large number of the tree species without forgetting the well maintained grass gardens where the campers pitch their tents while camping, on your Kenya safari to the Camp Nakawa you can feel more than home because the place is so supportive with the serene and calm environment and if you visit the place you cannot feel like leaving from there.

Camp Nakawa Undiri is such a favorable environment that is the place has got the shared flush toilets and solar-hot showers which are placed in the open-air inside the camp this feels unbelievable imagine like taking a hot shower outdoors is surely stunning and charming that gives you the best of the moments and gives you a bundle of joy during your time at Camp Nakawa Undiri.

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