Diani Beach in Kenya


Diani Beach in Kenya : Diani Beach is a major beach on the Indian ocean coast of Kenya, its located 30 kilometres (19 mi) south of Mombasa in Kwale county, in Kwale county. Diani beach has been voted as Africa’s leading beach destination for the fifth time running since 2015. The Beach is about 17 kilometres (11 mi) long, from the Kongo river to the north and Galu beach to the south (the southern point of reference is an old Baobab tree), Diani beach is the most prominent tourism resort areas in Kenya for Kenya Safaris Tourists.

Diani Beach has been a warded the best beach destination in Africa for 5 years running, and it’s easy to see, the beach is having countless beach resorts to accommodate you during your stay. Diani beach is everything that comes to mind you think of a tropical paradise-rolling white sands and hugged by the lush forest and kissed by surface waves, Diani is popular and it scores the points with the diverse crowd with party people, families, honeymooners, backpackers and water-sports enthusiasts perfect for sunbathing, crystal clear waters perfect for snorkeling, and an abundance of wildlife to discover.

Diani beach has some of the best accommodation in Kenya, from the budget party hostels to funky kitesurfing lodges and intimate honeymoon spots and the most places are spread along the beach road, hidden behind the line of forest. Marine parks have been established all along Diani Beach, these are areas of protecting waters that conserve marine life the ecosystem, they are well worth a visit and a great place for snorkelling and diving.

Diani Beach in Kenya
Diani Beach

Kenya is one of the few places in the world where the reef sharks are seen frequently, and these waters are also homes to the endangered green and Hawksbill turtles which can be seen whilst exploring under the surface, when visiting, remember to bring the underwater camera for the proper capturing. Diani Beach is one of the greatest water sports destinations in East Africa, Kayaking, jet skiing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, paddlebording and scuba-diving are all possible, whatever your pace or skill level, you will find something best to experience at Diani.

Great activities done at Diani Beach.

Skydiving in Diani.

This is a popular attraction for people all over the world and the ever-clear skies make the sport extremely enjoyable, Diani is a home to Skydiving Diani, Kenya’s only permanent Skydiving club, the club organizes tandem skydiving activities and quality equipment for safer jumping while on Kenya Tours . The skydiving clubs gives you quality jumping gear and a qualified guide for a bout USD 350, every March and November, skydive Diani organises the weekly boogies festivals and during the event tourists gets chances to enjoy advanced skydiving antiques and an exclusive training session.

Scuba Diving, Snorkelling and Boat Trips in Diani Beach.

This is exploring the richness and diversity of marine life at Diani Beach here you can go on boat trips, snorkelling or do scuba diving. Diving the crab is a diving club that offers scuba diving lessons and other sea sports packages, the club is a conglomerate of experts who will guide you in snorkelling, scuba lessons, lagoon kayaking and windsurfing. This is the best and gives you the great experience in your memory.

Diani Beach in Kenya
Scuba Diving

Playing golf.

Diani beach boasts a world-class golf course and is among the best golf clubs in East Africa, the fairways run are fully irrigated and traverse cashewnut, casuarina and pine trees, providing an exciting, yet challenging ground to play your game. The course has 85 bunkers, big lake and stretches 6084 meters, while on the course, you will enjoy the presence of different birds and monkeys, it is a perfect to spend a holiday with your whole family or as a group of golfers.

A visit to Shimba Hills.

Diani is a home to East Africa’s second largest coastal forest, Shimba hills. The national reserve is only 45 minutes from Diana beach and the entry is free. As you drive to the hills, you will get a beautiful view to the local villages and free your mind from the constant water activities at Diani beach, in the reserve there are attractions like elephants, sable antelope, Genet, Leopard, Civet cat, Waterbuck, hyenas, waterbuck, serval cats and among others and also more than 111 bird species like the African Hawk, Ostrich Eagle, Quail, sunbird, crowned and among others and reptiles like the python, Lizard, cobra, gecko and many others.

Diani Beach Art Gallery Exhibitions.

Diani Beach art gallery is a hub of some of Africa’s most beautiful art pieces which brings together unique and unusual pieces of art made by talented Africans at meagre prices. The entrance is endowed with superb sculptures and all workers have a knack for art and creation, here you find some beautiful creations that you may never see in any other part of the world. The place is open from Monday up to Saturday between 9am, and 5pm, and no prior bookings are needed.

A tour at Kongo Mosque.

Kongo mosque is one of the iconic tourist attraction sites in Diani, the mosque was built by Arab traders back in the century and is the oldest mosque in East Africa. The mosque is surrounded by a beautiful garden with big baobab trees, which were planted by the Arabs while outside the mosque, you can see the Kongo River and the Indian ocean. This view makes it an excellent picturesque place in Diani Kenya.

Visit Chale Island.

The island is more of aheed place than an island, and the native coastal people use it as a worshipping area, it has a spectacular white beach, beautifully fringed by the carol reefs, making it a haven for tourists seeking a more romantic treat. Also shopping for souvenirs, clothing, swimwear, toiletries and jewellery is part of the things to do in Diani Beach, at Chale island, two boutiques are adequately stocked.

Relax at the Spas in Diani.

Diani is a home to award winning spas that offer a relaxing spa and massage, some though provide henna paintings, the traditional additional  of enhancing beauty in women among the locals ,the perfect example of a world class spa at Diani Beach is the Uzuri SPA Diani, it offers the treatments with  both European and African products to suit both the men and women, with packages of treatments, body wraps, waxing , manicures, pedicures and hydrotherapy, the spa is spacious with different rooms for privacy with gym.

Uzuri spa has an aerobics and yoga pavilion as part of their workout department, steam bath, sauna and outdoor Jacuzzi there is also a health bar, which is close to the pool and offers different fresh juices, healthy salads, light meals and smoothies and many more.

A day at the Forty Thieves Beach Bar.

This gives a great feeling as your sipping your drink as your feet enjoys a gentle lap of the waves. The Forty thieves beach bar and bistro offers a great feeling and much more like music, water sports and delicious food as party freaks dance the night out, the beach takes you only 10 minutes from the Diani airstrips and located close to shops, an 18-hole golf course, a diving centre and many Diani Beach accommodation facilities.

Diani Beach in Kenya
Forty Thieves Beach Bar

Explore the Fort Jesus.

You can conclude your Diani Beach tour by taking around the famous Fort Jesus which is just few minutes from Diani beach, Fort Jesus is the old tourist attractions built in 1593 by the Portuguese King Phillip 1 and Spanish King Philip 11. In 2012 It was heritated as the UNESCO World Heritage, this was due to the uniqueness and good condition compared to many other historic sites that date back to the 16th century.

Diani Beach gives you the best many opportunities to enjoy your holiday, it is according to your choice to select what suits to best, it is the best holiday destination for the holidaymakers who wants to crate unforgettable memories with the beach while on Kenya Safaris Tours .

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