Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) system is operational in Kenya

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) system is operational in Kenya : With effect from January 1, 2024, the Kenyan government has replaced its visa system with a new, semi-automated Electronic Travel Authorization system (eTA). It is now against the law for airline carriers to arrive in Kenya and allow passengers to board without a valid eTA. Regardless of nationality, passengers won’t have to complete paper forms while in flight or when they get there.

On the official Kenyan government website, it states that the application procedure takes three business days to finish. Additionally, if you need the eTA in less than three days, there is a priority service listed on the website, but no other details are given. It is recommended that travellers apply three months in advance of their planned departure from Kenya. It is crucial to reserve the vacation before submitting the eTA application, as the latter will be denied without the booking confirmation information.

Ways to apply for eTA in Kenya.

It is necessary that you apply for the eTA before travelling to Kenya, unless you are a citizen of Kenya or one of the partner states of the East African Community (EAC). Applications for travel are accepted through the official Republic of Kenya website. Currently, $30 USD is required for applications. Kenya is the applicant’s country of residence for an electronic travel authorization.

Requirements for all non-exempt travelers

Valid passport for at least six (6) months after the planned date of arrival into Kenya with at least one blank page.

Selfie or passport-type photo Phone number, email address, and contact details.

Details of passenger arrival and departure itinerary.

Accommodation booking confirmation(s).

Credit card, debit card, Apple pay or other means of payment.

Based on your country of residence and citizenships the following may also be required:

Financial assets / banks letter(s).

Return transportation booking, such as a return ticket.

Based on your country of residence and travel history the following may also be required.

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) system is operational in Kenya
Electronic Travel Authorization system

Yellow fever certificate is required if passengers are traveling from a yellow fever country.

Other vaccination(s) or test results certificates.

The government website is easy to use and the application process is straightforward. Applicants have the option to upload a page from their passport to use their webcam to snap a photo on the fly.

Passport information for Kenya eTA.

What is the effect of Kenya’s eTA on the East African Tourist Visa?

Up to ninety days of travel between Kenya, Rwanda, and Uganda are permitted with the East African Tourist Visa. Right now, the price is $100 USD. All visitors to Kenya must also obtain an East African Tourist Visa in addition to Kenya’s Electronic Travel Authorization.

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