Hippo point wildlife Conservancy

Hippo point wildlife Conservancy : Hippo point is the amazing conservancy that gives the explanation of nature while experiencing it on foot, the private conservancy that is situated between Lake Naivasha and Lake Oloidien, the conservancy is a birding haven and the place where the bird lovers look at it as the perfect safari destination to be, without leaving behind the various animal species which gives the tourists awesome safari in Kenya. Hippo point wildlife conservancy is the perfect place to be while relaxing under the Russian linen sheets, smothered by the African stars, soothed by the sounds of hippos, hyenas at night.

Attractions at Hippo wildlife conservancy.

The 1932 Manor House.

Manor house is such delight, this is a classic British country though its located in Africa, this is such massive where the scented roses and the lush lawns contrasts sharply with the yellow dusty tree trunks of the large number of the acacias that surrounds the house, on a safari to Hippo point wildlife conservancy the tourists do spot the haven of the animal species around the house that includes the hippos, giraffe, zebra, resident buffalo, gazelle, without forgetting the cozy comforts of the Russian bed linen and the warm floors and bathtubs. 8 Doubles, 1 single with two sections at the end ideal for the children

Dodo’s Folly.

Dodo’s Folly is the most incredible for the luxury tourists, this provides all the necessities and on a safari in Kenya, Dodo’s Folly acts as the second home the tourists do enjoy the breathtaking sights of the Oloidien Bay and follow at eagle-eye level the movements of the hippos, zebras, giraffe and other while grazing at the foot of the tower.

Hippo point wildlife Conservancy
Dodo’s Folly

Dodo’s Folly has got 4 double rooms, 1 single ground floor room, a dining room, kitchen, spacious living room with awesome balcony, writing room, meditation room and a small top view room, this is the best location for the tourists who wish to opt for the luxury safari experience in Kenya.

Hippo Wildlife Conservancy Food.

Hippo point wildlife conservancy is such attractive in that, everything that is served to the guests is superior natural from the organic garden and the soils where the foods are grown are such volcanic with enough nutrients that gives the foods the exact taste like fruits, vegetables and among others, the food that is served to the guests are such tasty and yummy that gives the essential nutrients to the bodies of the guests, like during morning time the breakfast starts with the fresh made juices from the vegetables and fruits and also homemade varieties can be available like the yoghurt, fresh farm eggs, orts, home baked mutli-grain bread and among others.

Hippo point wildlife conservancy provides the fresh farm meat from the farms and fish from the various water bodies in Kenya like Indian Ocean, the meals provided to the guests on the safari to the conservancy are always well spiced with the healthy spices like the caramelized ginger, vanilla ice cream and among many others and at times they also add other spices according to the guest’s request, select Hippo point wildlife conservancy you will benefit twice and fulfill your dream to come true.

Activities at Hippo Point wildlife conservancy.

Game viewing.

Hippo point wildlife conservancy offers the game viewing of different animal species in the conservancy for example a short walk from the Manor house a few meters from swimming pool the guests spot different flora like the yellow fever trees and that where the zebras, giraffe, buffalo often rounds as they are picking the young shoots, and after viewing the animal species, a guest can decide to be at the swimming pool while stretching while doing Yoga or the long laps in the pool.

There are presence of over 1200 resident animal species roaming the grounds which makes Hippo point wildlife sanctuary the perfect place to let your own loving life with family and friends to get the unforgettable memories.

Hippo point wildlife Conservancy
Hippo point wildlife Conservancy

Bird watching.

Guests who visit Hippo Point wildlife conservancy do enjoy spotting various bird species due to the fact that the conservancy is not fenced, there can be many bird species and these can be well experienced while walking with the help of the guides and here the bird lovers can be able to spot over 500 bird species during the safari without forgetting the real feeling of nature.

Birding by boat.

Tourists who are great bird watching can even exceed and go further bird watching by the boat and this is where the tourists experience the boating excursions from the south Lake shore gives one the chance to observe many bird species including the Black heron with its peculiar fishing habitats as well as pelicans, harriers, beautiful purple Swamphen and many others.

Hippo point wildlife conservancy offers more and more safari activities to the guests that includes the delight array of the Spa treatments massage, hiking through the hot spring gorge, climbing the extinct volcano, exploring the rhino sanctuary, hot air balloon over Lake Elementaita, longer horde back rides, exploring and visiting Lake Nakuru National Park and Hell’s gate National park.

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