Kenya Culture

Kenya Culture : Kenyan is everyone’s dream because the country is rich in the most interesting facts that makes its culture to be highly considered, vital among everyone who would wish to go for a Kenya Safari, Kenya has got the most colorful blissful landscapes and requires everyone to select a safari to Kenya, various cultures, the country is highly experienced with the most loved and treasured Kenyan food and fills everyone to a have tasted on the Kenya culture, Kenya has got the social Kiswahili language which unites everyone in the country thus making a strong culture, artifacts, values, norms, religion Kenya also has got the various national parks and national reserves that preserves the culture nature of the country and among others, these makes Kenya to have the stunning culture in the entire East Africa.

Kenyan families are so important part to maintain the Kenyan culture that is most of the families in Kenya is so called the extended families that is where in the family you find everyone has a responsibility of bringing and raising up a child which starts with everyone in the family including the aunts, uncles, cousins these plays an important role in raising up every family member in the family morals and manners to maintain the dignity and behaviors of the family hence maintaining the culture.

Kenya Culture
Maasai Tribes

Family members are also joined up together with the meals that is lunch, dinner this is where everyone can be available during those moments at the same time the children learn from one another the proper sitting postures, habits while eating, at the same time the religions also maintains the culture of Kenya this is where the you find a family do prays together and it is under one similar religion which builds up and strengthens the family’s religion and faith hence maintaining the culture.

Kenya culture is communal in nature because everything to be done is always shared for example like food, clothes and as well the personal items are shared among the family members like Vaseline, and among others such as to maintain the culture of the country, on your safari to Kenya you will notice and witness the real Kenyan culture on how the Kenyans do their things in terms of their way of living like Luo, Samburu, Turkana, Maasai, Kikuyu, Kamba and among others as this promotes unity, cooperation hence the concentration of Kenya culture. Kenya though is a multilingual country, and Swahili being the national language that unites everyone in the country and official language being English, though they are over other 40 indigenous African languages spoken by the various tribes in Kenya but Swahili and English unites everyone together.

Kenyan people are very social, friendly even if you are foreigners on your Kenya Safari you can meet and hug around with the Kenyan people, though this is not common in every country on the continent but on a safari to Kenya you can feel at home because the people can give you time and talk to you in a polite way, on the other side disagreement in Kenya before the elders is a sign of disrespect and this is always prohibited in the Kenya culture.

Kenyan food unites and led everyone to come closer during the time of the meal, the meal time is also considered as the family time, this is where everyone in the gather together and talk about their day during the meals, in Kenya no single food can describe all the Kenya’s wide cuisine because different communities have got their own native foods and the most universally eaten foods in Kenya are Ugali, Sukuma wiki and nyama choma those there are other staple foods that includes millet, sorghum, meat and among others.

Kenya Culture
Turkana People

In most of the tribes each of the tribe has got its real and stable food that is consumed by everyone like the grains are suitable and staple food for the Kikuyu, Embu, Meru, Kisii then while the Luo and the coastal communities do feed on the sea food as their staple food like the fish and among many others concerning the location of the people in the country also matters on the specific type of the food they do consume thus maintain the Kenya culture.

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