Lake Naivasha Kenya

Lake Naivasha Kenya : Lake Naivasha is a freshwater lake in Kenya, outside the town of Naivasha in Nakuru County, which lies North West of Nairobi. It is part of the Great Rift Valley. The name derives from the local Maasai name Nai’posha, meaning ‘’rough water’’ because of the sudden storms which can arise.

Lake Naivasha is at the highest elevation of the Kenyan Rift Valley at 1,884 meters (6,181 ft.) in a complex geological combination of the volcanic rocks and sedimentary deposits from a larger Pleistocene Era lake. Apart from the transient streams the lake is fed by the perennial Malewa and Gilgil rivers, there is no visible outlet, but since the lake water is relatively fresh it is assumed to have an underground outflow.

The lake had a normal surface area of 139 square kilometers (54 sq. mi) before 2010 and had increased to 198 square kilometers (76 sq. mi) by 2020. It is surrounded by a swamp which covers an area of 64 square kilometers (25 sq. m, but this can vary largely depending on rainfall. It is situated at an altitude of 1,884 meters (6,181 ft.).The lake has an average depth of 6 meters (20ft), with the deepest area being at Crescent Island, at a maximum depth of 30 meters (98ft). Njorowa Gorge once formed the lake’s outlet, but it is now high above the lake and forms the entrance to Hell’s Gate National Park. The town of Naivasha (formerly East Nakuru) lies on the north-east edge of the lake.

Lake Naivasha is a great tourism attraction in Kenya, it is a good place to visit during your safari in Kenya. The lake is a home to a variety of types of wildlife including over 400 different bird species and a sizable population of the hippos and flamingos. The fish community in the lake has been highly variable over time that is influenced by the changes in climate, fishing effort and the introduction of the invasive species. The most recent shift in the fish population followed the accidental introduction of the common carp in 2001. Nine years later in 2010, common carp accounted for over 90% of the mass of fish caught in the lake.

There are two smaller lakes in the vicinity of Lake Naivasha, Lake Oloiden and Lake Sonachi (a green crater lake). The Crater Lake Game Sanctuary lies nearby, while the lake is known for its population of the European immigrants and the settlers.

Lake Naivasha Kenya
Lake Naivasha Kenya

Best time to visit Lake Naivasha.

The lake can be explored during anytime of the year, however the best time to visit Lake Naivasha is the months from June to October. These are summer (dry) season months with hot yet bearable days, it is perfect for exploring the wildlife and the scenery of the area.

Winters (wet season) are also ideal for touring Lake Naivasha, it is when the climate is cold and pleasing, there will be little rain but generally the temperature is perfect for an excursion to the lake.

Activities done in Lake Naivasha.

Boat safari.

Embark on a guided tour of boat safari where you will witness the concentrated wildlife, the vibrant birdlife and the beauty of the Lake Naivasha.

Flamingos at Lake Elementaita.

Residence to various coloured birds, Lake Naivasha is a perfect spot to observe flamingos. Go on a tour to Lake Elementaita where you will have the opportunity to see some of the vibrant species of flamingos and more of bird species.

Lake Naivasha Kenya
Flamingos at Lake Elementaita.

Safari with Animals.

During your visit to Lake Naivasha you can enjoy viewing at the lake with a visit to crescent island sanctuary. It houses some of the wildlife of Kenya. The walking safari is an east and perfect option, since there are no predators around.

Hiking up at Mount Longonot.

Mount Longonot offers hiking trail at Lake Naivasha, besides its magnificent volcanic land. During your trip to the Lake Naivasha, it is recommended to have a half day tour to the Mount Longonot.

Ol Karia Geothermal Spa.

During your visit to Lake Naivasha, you can have nice time dipping in the hot water at Ol Karia, known to be the largest geothermal spa in all Africa. The spa is a man made pool offering visitors an escape from the crowds and bustle into a tranquil and relaxing environment.

Tour Kariandusi.

The kariandusi is the nearest attraction to Lake Naivasha displaying the history of mankind or the cradle of the humanity, get the chance to dig beneath the damage walls and explore the fossils of humankind, the civilization and ruins.


One of the best experiences in Lake Naivasha is to enjoy the Oloiden Campsite for night, camping and observing the birds, flocks of flamingos and wildlife is the best thing to do and experiencing the nature of the area which gives you unforgettable memories.

Horseback safari.

It is a thrilling to tour the area especially during your time at Lake Naivasha you can purchase and adopt horseback safari and tour even reach Mount Longonot, also the sanctuary farm provides the best place to experience nature, wildlife and adventures just like rock climbing.

Lake Naivasha Kenya
Horseback safari

Lake Naivasha is famous for its strong populations of the hippos and flamingos, there are over 1,500 hippos in the lake and you are almost guaranteed to see one during your tour to the lake, Lake Naivasha is a birder’s paradise as it is a home to over 400 bird species, for the bird lovers lake Naivasha is the best place to visit in Kenya because it has got various colourful and attractive bird species.

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