Magical Behind Kyamwilu Hills of Machakos

Magical Behind Kyamwilu Hills of Machakos : The Kyamwilu Hill is located  about 12 kilometers from Machakos along the Machakos-Kangundo road, within Machakos County in the Eastern Kenya, it has many years inspired myths because it defeats Isaac newton’s Laws of gravity it lies a mysterious hill where the objects defy gravity, this is best observed on a Kenya safari to Kyamwilu Hills. And in case you have heard of it by another name, it is also known as the Kituluni Hill. The area is characterized by car incidents in the free gear rolling uphill as well as water that flows uphill when poured onto the road. While many have racked their brain for a logical explanation for this occurrence, the Akamba community who have known Machakos as the home for well over a century have a story that explains the mystery of the Kituluni- Kyamwilu Hill.

The phenomenon has baffled both the resident and the tourists, by attracting a lot of the onlookers, for instance if you pour water on the road, it moves upwards instead of the opposite direction as one might expect. The motorists have complained of their vehicles tending to be pulled downhill as they accelerate uphill. Other scholars attribute the existence of the gravity hills to an optical illusion.

Magical Behind Kyamwilu Hills of Machakos
Nature Defies Gravity

According to this explanation, they lay of the land and the surrounding landscape create an optical illusion, thus making people confuse the down side of the hill for the upside, this has made various tourists to travel and see the magical behind the Kyamwilu hill on a safari in Kenya. At Kyamwilu hill, the locals charge the tourists a fee to demonstrate that specific phenomenon. As the demonstration includes the pouring water on the tarmac and setting a car in parking then the water and a car begin moving uphill. This is the most amazing safari in the world, where nature defies the gravity if you think you have seen the wonders of the world, then i take you to be wrong minus visiting the Kyamwilu Hill in Machakos county Kenya and you will be flummoxed.

Long time ago before Kenya attained her independence, it is said that a white settler parked his car on the Kyamwilu Hill, he went to fetch some water to quench his thirst at the nearby spring, on the returning he was flummoxed to see his car moving backward uphill. He had parked it in the neutral, he called the villagers to see the mysterious occurrence they were mesmerized.

The legend behind the formation of the Kyamwilu Hill.

In the past years the Kyamwilu Hill was called Kyaume, an Akamba word that means,’’ the place of men’’. The name was coined after two men who once lived in the area. The first was called Kyalo and the other Mwilu. As neighbors, the two men became friends that is until they fell in love with the same woman called Mwenda. Neither was willing to give up the lady (she must have been someone special) and so they both agreed to marry her and became co-husbands, the norms of the time supported polygamous marriages that were polygynous, but polyandrous cases such as this were completely unheard of.

The lady conceived and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy, as time went by, Kyalo and Mwilu began to have constant quarrels between them, the two sought to have the attention of Mwenda (their wife) but since she had grown old and wearly she could not meet their demands, this infuriated them.

Magical Behind Kyamwilu Hills of Machakos
Kyamwilu Hills

Still, the trio made their union work, one of the men lived at the top of the hill, and another at the bottom. The woman alternated the nights that she spent with her husbands and did her best to divide her time equally between the two. But this was never enough for Kyalo and Mwilu. Eventually the two men died and were buried on their respective sides of the hill, and their widow returned to her home. The Akamba believe that even in death, the two men locked in an eternal battle over their wife’s attention, thus destabilizing the natural flow of things. The hill in which they once lived was renamed to Kyamwilu Hill that is a fusion of the husband’s names in the honor of their dying love for their beloved wife, Magical Behind Kyamwilu Hills of Machakos.

The two men Kyalo and Mwilu and their wife Mwenda and a son, and it is said there was an outbreak of a mysterious disease that killed most of the villagers and this family were not spared and it is said that they were buried on the hill. Interestingly the war ensued between them in the world of no return, that could be the reason why there are mysterious things in the Kituluni hills, so if you see a car parked rolling up the hill or water that flows uphill when poured onto the road, just know Kyalo and Mwilu are fighting for Mwenda’s attention. To honor the two men (Kyalo and Mwilu) the hill was named Kyamwilu, a fusion of the two names and if you think it’s an ordinary story then arrange a safari to Machakos County and see this thrilling and captivating sight and see the wonders of the world.

Scientist’s view of Kyamwilu Hill.

As for the Hills’ unique phenomenon, science attributes it to an optical illusion, Researchers believe that the gravity-defying phenomenon is attributed to a visual illusion where the arrangements of the surrounding land produces an effect that makes a slight downhill slope appear to be an uphill slope. The lay out of the surrounding land creates a visual deception that the land is a sloping hill, when it is in fact sloping downhill. This is why a ball appears to roll up hill, and even it is to why the tourists on a safari to the region have claimed that the jogging uphill at Kyamwilu is much easier than jogging downhill. This is stuff that can’t be made up, and while gravity hills have been witnessed in the different countries around the world, it’s only in Kenya where there is a hadithi ya mapenzi tied to the uniqueness of the location to experience while on Kenya Safaris Tours.

Magical Behind Kyamwilu Hills of Machakos
Magical Behind Kyamwilu Hills of Machakos

An optical illusion.

Then the optical illusions are visuals that tend to be deceptive to the eye and the brain this can be caused by the several factors like the patterns, varying colours, lights and many others, it occurs in areas with the obstructed horizon where it is difficult to judge the slope, but there is also a legend explaining the formation of the Kyamwilu Hill.

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