Menengai crater

Menengai crater is believed to be the second largest caldera in the world and at 90km2 and it is almost 2500 meters above the sea level it is among the most impressive safari attraction in Kenya that is it provides amazing views of Lake Nakuru. It is one of the Kenya’s most intriguing destinations, with the spectacular scenery combining with the local beliefs that is about the evil spirits roaming the area.

The Menengai crater is located just 10 km (6 mi) north of Nakuru, the fourth-biggest city in Kenya, also well known as the place of the legend and violence. The Menengai crater is such a massive shield volcano with one of the biggest calderas in the world, in the Great Rift Valley, Kenya. It the largest volcano caldera in Kenya and the second largest volcano caldera in Africa. Volcanic formed rich loam soils enrich the adjacent farmland around its flanks. The Menengai crater is on the floor of the Rift Valley. The volcano formed about 200,000 years ago and the prominent 12x8km caldera formed about 8000 years ago. The caldera floor is covered with numerous post caldera lava flows.

Menengai crater
Menengai crater

The Menengai crater is believed to be a very spiritual place and people come from far and wide to spend time praying from here and contemplating and those who have spent time there say they have felt the presence of God, but it is thought by some to be haunted by the evil spirits that take people captive. Many people are said to have disappeared after exploring the area, and others return totally confused. There are reports of the spirits being cultivating the land on the crater floor with eyewitnesses saying that the plowing with tractors, planting and harvesting all happens within an hour. There are even witnesses who speak of a flying umbrella rising from the crater floor when it rains. Also there are reports from the locals in the area that they have witnessed the devil riding a motorbike on the Kirima Kia ngoma or the Devil’s Hill which is next to the crater.

The Menengai volcano is considered as one of the best preserves Krakatau-style calderas in the world. Menengai has very little sediment in the caldera which is a thick mass of the lava boulders and inaccessible ridges, volcanic activity continues and a current project under the GDC is at an advanced stage towards geothermal power generation. It has potential of erupting in the near future since it has steam jets, this is why it is termed as a dormant but active volcano.

The Menengai crater surrounding is covered with the wild flowers and plants, lush bushy grasslands and the lush forests that is protected by the Kenya Forest Service. The unique type of vegetation surrounding the Menengai crater is such well recognized as a home to some wild animals like the mountain reedbuck, mongoose, vervet monkeys and many others. The Menengai crater is also well known as the home to the bird species that includes the African Marsh Harrier, Verreaux eagle, Abyssinian ground hornbill and many others.

The tourists who come on their safari to the Menengai crater can be impressed with the amazing attractions that includes the viewpoints of both Lake Nakuru and Lake Bogoria, Caves, picnic spots, The Menengai caldera, Wildlife that is the animal species and plant species, and many others.

Activities that are done by the tourists during their Menengai crater safari includes the cycling, camel and horse riding, camping, Maili sits view point, rock climbing, nature trails or the forest walk, tree species identification, bird watching, geothermal education tours, hiking, educational tours, caves exploration, caldera view point and among others.

Entrance fee for the Menengai crater.

Though hiking through the beautiful crater makes for a great vacation, the Menegai Crater is located 10 km north of Nakuru which is the 4th biggest city of Kenya, the entrance fee to the Menengai crater is as the following.

Entrance fee.

School parties Ksh 33.2
Adults Ksh 282
Children Ksh 88
Non-Residents Ksh 796
Non-Residents child Ksh  282
Resident Ksh  564
Resident Child Ksh  216
College/ University Ksh  68
Menengai crater
Menengai crater

Menengai service fee.                         

Education Tours Ksh 1000
Caves Exploration Ksh  2000
Hiking group Ksh  7000
Nature walks (Groups) Ksh   5000
Horse/camel ride Ksh   2000
Cycling Ksh   1000
Geothermal Education Ksh    2000


Menengai crater view point.

During the Menengai crater view point you need a powerful car though not necessarily a 4WD to take you to the breath taking viewpoint. Many tourists travel miles just to have the pristine and the exquisite lush green valley’s views, the place is simply indescribable as this is where you take those unwavering clicks for the gram. The Menengai crater’s viewpoint is such a panoramic prettily favored.

At the Menengai crater view point this is where you can get a guide at the gate and your work will be made easier for you to enjoy the most incredible views, as this is the only place where you can view the entire Nakuru like as if you are on a skyscraper, as the sunset can be simply such awe-inspiring. Then if you love such verdant meadows views then you can just stay in this place all day.

How to get to Menengai crater.

The Menengai crater can be accessed by both the private and the public means from the Nairobi city to the crater as the following.

By Private means.

Here you take on the Nairobi- Nakuru road, then drive past Naivasha and just before the first roundabout after the Nakuru Railway station. Then make a U-turn and take the first left turn then follow the Menengai sign post which is conspicuously displayed all the way to the gate and then that’s the Menengai crater.

By Public means.

Take a Matatu from in Nairobi from Nyamakima stage off river road, it is said that it is one of the best way which plies that route. Then once in Nakuru, you will then take a taxi to the Menengai crater.

Menengai crater is such recognized as the requisite stopover if you are having a road trip Kenya safari to Nakuru as this city is popular, there is no need of hiking though you can enjoy all the awe-inspiring views from the view point. The drive from the gate is also interesting if you want to test how good is your car when it comes to crazy terrain, the entrance is such quite affordable and as well camping in the area is also allowed, hence you can enjoy the sunset and sun rise shots in the Menengai crater on your camping safari.

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