Plan Your Escape To Kenya

Plan Your Escape To Kenya

Plan Your Escape To Kenya : With the globe slowly and hesitantly opening up their borders or putting dates and plans in place to do so post the pandemic, we know the plan ahead pattern is on the cards. Many people have already made plans for 2024 to set off on their once in a lifetime trip on safari to Kenya it is truly thrilling as to what some people have to look forward to. Continue reading this article to aid you plan your escape to Kenya

If you are interested in experiencing a safari and beach conjunction we would always recommend spending just under a week on safari, followed with 4-5 days to relax on the beach. Alternately, take the other direction.

Consider Kenya and the multitude of diverse and distinct landscapes that can be combined. The flat marsh plains of Amboseli, with their raucous flocks of migratory and permanent birds, are truly amazing to witness. Counting the number of different species you can spot is a great way to pass the time during a game drive or when unwinding at camp. You can easily count over 150 species! Naturally, it would be impossible to discuss Amboseli without bringing up the renowned elephant herds.

It is a sight that will never leave you: initially, you will see the occasional elephant here and there and consider this to be very dramatically, simply wait. You will notice matt grey figures slowly approaching you from a distance. Suddenly, droves of family herds appear out of the dense acacia forests and marsh vegetation, and there you have nearly 300 elephants in front of you. This breathtaking image, which you will remember for the rest of your life, is hidden behind the elephants by Mount Kilimanjaro’s shadow. Our top choice here would be Tortilis Camp, which is the only camp within a private concession and has pristine views of Mount Kilimanjaro in addition to its own landing strip. It was also one of the first camps to establish in Amboseli, so it’s rich in history.

Enjoy this thrill with an entirely new perspective of the Samburu. The Samburu region’s scenery is undoubtedly breathtaking, a flat base board with big rocky hills that have been crudely adhered to the base. The wildlife is also pretty amazing, ranging from loan leopards sauntering along the banks of dried-up river beds to amazing endemic species like the Grevy’s Zebra, which is unique to Kenya and only found north of the equator, and the strange-looking Gerenuk antelope, which has a long, skinny neck that makes it ideal for reaching those deliciously tiny buds in difficult-to-reach places at the top of shrubs.

Plan Your Escape To Kenya
Samburu National Park

During a visit to the Samburu, cultural experiences are an absolute necessity. The Samburu people are one of the most hospitable individuals and completely intriguing they truly take joy teaching others about their traditions and way of life, in some areas this type of experience can feel forced and highly ‘touristy’, the Samburu take delight in teaching in a way that doesn’t force and is always respectful. Spending an hour with these people will feel like 5 minutes, you will leave hungry for more. The lodges we suggest here are Sasaab, which is high on the banks of a winding river and has a great Moroccan-esque style throughout, and Saruni Samburu, which is perched atop one of these gorgeous rocky outcrops and offers superb views over the Samburu land. The choice is yours, or speak to us to find out which camp would be most suited to you.

From here, you can shrivel fly straight down to the renowned Maasai Mara national reserve with its flat landscape or stop for a few days within Lewa. Lewa is yet another fantastic safari destination to go on an amazing safari. It is breathtaking, combining the undulating plains of the Maasai Mara with the primitive rocky and level ground of the Samburu. Lewa is well-known for its amazing efforts in conservation to safeguard black and white rhinos. When visiting Lewa, a must-do is to stay at Sirikoi Lodge, which is a true home away from home with nearly everything cultivated or produced on site. Sirikoi will be a great substitute if you were unable to attend Giraffe Manor; they have a resident giraffe named Nditu who will join you for breakfast and orange juice. Kiko is a friend of Nditu’s from the Sheldrick Trust. If you visit Sirikoi for nothing else except the wonderful stories these two giraffes have to tell, it will be well worth your time.

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