Safari activities at Governors’ camp

Safari activities at Governors’ camp: Governors’ camp is known as the wildlife’s best viewing location that is nestled in the riverine forest along the winding banks of the Mara River, with waters teeming the aquatic bird species, hippos and crocodiles. The camp is located in the heart of Maasai Mara National reserve. Governors’ camp is the most magnificent and Africa’s first permanent tented camp, with its original state since 1972.

Safari activities at Governors’ camp.

Game drives.

Governors’ camp combines everything within Maasai Mara National reserve with the best-designed safari vehicles with the presence of the well-experienced guides to explore the park’s prime wildlife. Guests get the best game spotting of the animal species and get the opportunity to take the photographs in the serene Maasai Mara.

Guests at Governors’ camp experience two game drives in Maasai Mara National reserve, while in the 4 wheel drive land lovers, the guides in the park offers the guests with the interesting information about the wildlife in Maasai Mara National Reserve including the magical big five mammals that includes lions, elephants, rhinos, buffalos, leopards. As well the guests can spot other animal species that can be found in the reserve without forgetting the bird species as well. Game drive at Governors’ camp becomes the most perfect one and gives you unforgettable safari memories.

Hot air balloon safaris.

Hot air balloon safaris can be offered by Governor’s camp to the guests, as this is the most magical wildlife safari experience where the guests can be above the plains having gorgeous aerial views of the park’s landscape, wildlife. Guests enjoy the morning sun rises as they are in the balloon watching the entire reserve. After the safari the guests can be served with the sweet breakfast accompanied by the sweet wine which makes their activity the most remembered one.

Bush dinners.

Governors’ camp offers guests the unique safari experience, with the excitement of the bush dinner in the wild, imagine having your bush dinner while having the joy of being sited next to the banks or Mara River the meals can be served by the Bush chefs while given the food under the shadow of the stars, with light safari lanterns accompanied but the diverse sounds of African night.

Walking safaris.

Walking safari at the Governors’ camp is the best way how the guests get to encounter the reserve with the presence of the experienced qualified naturalists that have the true information about the bush. During the walking safari the tourists can experience the diverse wildlife present in the reserve where the activity takes approximately around 3 hours. And you explore the open grass plains to acacia thickets and the riverside forests as the guests can spot animal species like the hyenas, buffalos, lions, zebras, giraffes and among many others.

Safari activities at Governors’ camp
Safari activities at Governors’ camp

Cultural visits.

A safari at the Governors’ camp cannot be complete minus exploring and participating in the cultural visit. Guests visit the Maasai people on the safari where they get to interact with them, enjoys their traditional practices like the ances and music, visiting the Maasai people you get to learn about who they are.

Visiting the community projects.

Guests as well on their stay at the Governors’ camp get to visit the camp’s responsible tourism projects that can be organized by the camp, that is Mara Riana Primary school and Mara Rianda Medical center are the two inspiring projects supported by the Governors’’ camp that should not be left behind minus explored on the safari.

Mara-Meru Cheetah project.

Mara- Meru Cheetah Project started during the 20th century when the cheetah’s population has decreased from 100,000 individuals to 7500 individuals due to mans’ interruption. On a safari to Governors’ camp you get to understand the cheetah-human interface that is one of the vital work of Mara-Meru cheetah project led by Dr. Elena Chelyseva. The guides at Governors’ camp collects data from Dr. Elena Chelyseva reporting the rough sightings and behavioral observations of the cheetahs, this can be best through talks and game drives. This becomes amazing after getting to learn more about the cheetahs.

Mongoose club for kids.

Governors’ camp welcomes everyone that is the camp offers the kids the best African safari experience with the family. The camp offers the best opportunities for the kids, with the dwarf and banded mongoose. The club educates and inspires the young visitors in ways that they would never have access to in their mainstream schooling systems abroad. This is the best safari experience where your children experiences a lot on the Kenyan safari.

The activity is such fun for the kids that gives your children the life time safari experience. While as the parents are enjoying the spa treatment, reading a book the siesta while Julius the ‘’Chief Mongoose’’ the local guide.

Photographic safaris and resident photo graphics.

Governors’ camp as well provides the photographic safaris in the Mara. This best done when you inform the camp to when you wish to have the full day capturing the incredible wildlife. Governors’ has got 3 ‘phot safari’ vehicle, where the photographer gets the specific needs. The cars are available at the camp can get reserves when making your Governors’ booking to have the perfect photography.

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