Safari Activities To Do At Rapids Camp Sagana In Kenya

Safari Activities To Do At Rapids Camp Sagana In Kenya : Rapids Camp Sagana Kenya is a best place where tourists should stay on their safari, it’s an adrenaline camp with the white water rafting located in Sagana in Muranga, which is about 106 km from Nairobi and it takes 2.5 hours to drive from Nairobi city to the camp. The camp has got 16 tented Bazuka tents that have the double beds and the well-manicured lawn can house up to 300 dome tents.

Rapids camp sagana in Kenya offers guests with a quite number of interesting safari activities that includes water rafting, kayaking, river trekking, bungee jumping, bird watching, sport fishing, rock climbing, start gazing, boating, waterfall challenge and many others. Not only the above safari activities the camp provides the guests with other activities that includes corporate team building, family team building, holiday team building, birthday parties, corporate functions, end of year parties and among other activities.

Safari activities to do at Rapids camp sagana in Kenya.

Water rafting.

Water rafting is the exciting safari activity that takes place at Rapids camp Sagana this is fun and adrenaline adventure, this is the only camp where water rafting takes place. The water activity is the highlight of the guest’s stay at the camp at the top of the list is the waterfall challenge and the rafting. It’s basically paddling downstream in a raft, where the raft has ropes attached to it for rafters to hold on to when they get to points along the river with sharp descents and obstacles.

Star gazing.

Guests who come to stay at Rapids Camp Sagana can be offered with the star gazing Kenya safari activity, as this is a unique outdoor experience. Where the tourists explore the universe through the beautiful dark night skies and in the camp guests have and experience more back ground information on the stars they can be seeing during the nightly on a safari.


Kayaking is far the most common water sport that takes place at Rapids camp Sagana, it’s a fun safari activity that involves moving through water in a small water vessel with the aid of a double-bladed paddle. This allows the boat driver to maneuver through waterways by sitting face-forward and propelling a head with the alternating side-to-side padd strokes inside the camp.

Safari Activities To Do At Rapids Camp Sagana In Kenya
Safari Activities To Do At Rapids Camp Sagana In Kenya

River trekking.

River trekking is a combination of trekking and climbing and at times swimming along the river. As this involves particular techniques like climbing on the wet surfaces, where guests get to understand the geographical features of the river and valley. Sagana offers the guests with the perfect place where they get involved to carry out river trekking where the activity is almost guarantee river safety. River trekking at the camp is under two types that is amateur river trekking and professional river trekking that both offers the best river trekking experience on a safari in Kenya.

Bungee jumping.

Rapids camp Sagana offers guests bungee jumping is another exciting safari activity where the activity takes place on the banks of the Tana River offered by Rapids cam. The stage for bungee jumping is a 60 meter high steel tower, where you climb the pinnacle to bounce off. At the camp the diverse visit administrators appear to offer changed timings for hop off that offers the wonder safari experience to the guests.


Boating is as well among the top safari activities that guests enjoy on a safari at Rapids camp sagana this is where the guests get the opportunity of spotting various wildlife when they are carrying out the activity, like the guests enjoy bird watching along the river and spotting other small mammals which makes their safari the most incredible one.

Other safari activities that can be done by the tourists on a Kenya safari at Rapids camp sagana includes the sport fishing, rock climbing, water fall challenge and others that makes your safari to stay at the camp the most fascinating one.

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