Samburu Safaris

Samburu Safaris : Samburu national reserve is listed among the great Kenya safari destinations loved by visitors for various reasons and one of them is the Samburu special 5 including Gerenuk or giraffe gazelle, Somali Ostrich, Grevy’s Zebra, Reticulated Giraffe and Beisa Oryx,.

Samburu national reserve lies in the north of Kenya where the flat greenness of the rest of the country start to give away to arid scrubland, kopjes and immense rocky outcries, all centered on the meandering Ewaso Ngiro River which is the permanent water source in the area.

Samburu national reserve is named after the Samburu people who are residence of the region, the Samburu are nomadic pastoralists with some of the finest traditions and cultures regarded as beautiful and delicate in the world. The Samburu people still live in manyatta (villages) that can be moved as they follow fresh grazing for their cattle, goats and donkeys.

Samburu national reserve is Kenya safari gem most especially to the discerning safari goers because it is relatively uncrowded.

 A Safari in Samburu national reserve

A safari in Samburu national reserve offers visitors/ tourists an opportunity to explore Samburu national reserve and the two neighboring reserves that are Buffalo Springs and Shaba national reserve. These three national reserve all found in the northern region of Kenya’s arid savannahs are less visited which means they receive fewer crowds thus giving you a more intimate Kenya safari experience.  These reserves are a home to an astonishing population of wildlife with several species which are unique to the region like the Reticulated Giraffe, Grevy’s Zebra, Gerenuk and the blue legged Ostrich.

Other animals inhabiting in Samburu national reserve include lions, cheetah, Cape buffalo, shy leopards normally seen lazing on a tree. Another highlight in Samburu national reserve is visiting the traditional Samburu people in the off the-beaten-track wilderness area.

Samburu national reserve is also a great birder’s haven with over 450 bird species which will excite you most especially if you are a birder.

Samburu safaris range from budget road trips to luxury Fly –In Safaris.

SAFARIS BY ROAD (Samburu road safaris)

Road is the most popular mode of getting to Samburu national reserve, road safaris typically start and end in Nairobi City with a choice of vehicles being a 4X4 Land Cruiser / jeep or a Safari Minibus (Tourvan) which is less costly. A trip from Nairobi to Samburu national reserve takes approximately 5 to 7 hours.

The benefit of a road safari to Samburu national reserve is that its typically lower cost and you get to see and experience more of the real Kenyan countryside. The downside of road safari is that some stretches of road on the route are below average condition.

 Here some of the Samburu road safaris

3 Days Samburu Safari ~ Budget

3 Days Samburu Safari ~ Mid-Range

3 Days Samburu Safari ~ Luxury

4 Days Samburu Safari ~ Luxury

Samburu Safaris
Samburu Safaris

Flying Safaris (Samburu Fly-in Safaris)

Flying safaris to Samburu national reserve offer the more convenient way of reaching the reserve, the flights take approximately 1.5 hours from Nairobi city.

Flights to Samburu national reserve take off from Wilson Airport in Nairobi city on a daily landing at 3 of the airstrips serving the reserve such as Kalama Airstrip, Buffalo Springs Airstrip and Samburu Oryx Airstrip.

Upon arrival at any of the 3 airstrips, guests are received and transferred to their respective accommodation option (camp or safari lodge) by either a land cruiser or a safari van.

Here are some of the Flying safaris to Samburu national reserve

  • 2 Days Samburu Fly-In Safari
  • 3 Days Samburu Fly-In Safari
  • 4 Days Fly-In Safari

Safari Vehicles

There are two basic types of safari vehicles used in Kenya for wildlife and adventure safaris that are Tour Minibus/van and the 4×4 Toyota Land cruiser Jeeps.

Both of these vehicle have game viewing roofs, UHF radio calls – used for locating game and for logistics and are fully safari customized. Safari vehicles are normally included in Samburu Safari packages from Focus East Africa Tours.

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