Samburu Special Five

Samburu Special Five : Kenya a world’s most recognized wildlife destination is mostly known for the big 5, Little 5 and the wildebeest migration. However the usually excluded remarkable wildlife attraction/family in Kenya are the Samburu special Five, these are found in Samburu national reserve and are one of the 5 reasons to why to visit Samburu national reserve.

The Samburu special Five is a collection of unusual animals which are found in the Southern national parks and reserves of Kenya, they are only found in northern region of Kenya in the Samburu national reserve that is why they are referred to “Samburu Special Five”.

The Samburu special five are as follows

The Gerenuk

The Gerenuk is an exceptional antelope walking like a human, it is a rare occasion to see a wild animal walking on two feet like a human. Well in Samburu national park it is possible and it is a sight to keep. The Gerenuk are recorded to be approximately 95,000 individuals in the world and they are found in 4 countries including Kenya, these beautiful creatures have exceptionally long giraffe-like neck and it is from this feature that they get their name “Gerenuk” a Somali word meaning “giraffe necked”.

The Gerenuk feeds on leaves, shoots, flowers, fruits and buds and can go its entire life without drinking water, thus enabling them survive in the dry desert areas and scrublands of Samburu national reserve. Gerenuks have a reasonable height which they use at their advantage to feed on the highest point of the trees where there are juiciest leaves, their height is always an advantage when they are competing for leaves and shoots in the arid landscape with other animals to thrill while on a Kenya Safari.

The Gerenuks give birth at any time of the year which is uncommon to other wildlife species in Kenya and in the world.

Reticulated Giraffe

The reticulated giraffe are huge herbivores creatures looking different Rothschild giraffe and Maasai giraffe found in other national parks and reserves in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa, these giraffes have striking red hides divided by a jigsaw pattern of white lines (reticulations). The spots of the reticulated giraffes are easily identifiable and they are shaped like polygons with straight, smooth sides and lighter brown in color. Reticulated giraffes are normally shorter than the common Masai giraffe, they perfectly blend in with the red Samburu landscape and they are fond of taking a morning stroll down the dried up river bed which is a great spot for them to have their breakfast.

The reticulated giraffes are only found in Somali, Southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya in Samburu national reserve, in the whole world there is only about 8,500 individuals left in the world.

These mega-herbivores look very different from their cousins elsewhere in Africa, with striking

Grevy’s Zebra

Grevy’s zebra are another member of the Samburu Special Five found in Samburu national reserve, zebras are beautiful and exciting creatures to look at which is primarily attributed to their black and white strips making them unique creatures from other wildlife species. Unlike other zebra species, Grevy’s zebra have a more mule-like appearance with their stripes narrow and close together. Their bellies and base of the tail lack a stripe which is a unique feature about the Grevy’s zebra.

Samburu Special Five
Grevy’s Zebra

Grevy’s Zebras are recorded to be only 2,000 individuals left in the world and they inhabit in the plains of Somalia, Ethiopian, Djibouti and Northern Kenya including Samburu national reserve. While on a game drive in Samburu national reserve you will spot them in a collective as they much through the arid plains and feeding.

Somali Ostrich

Somali Ostrich is elusive bird species and possibly the biggest bird on earth, the Somali Ostrich are different from the common ostrich and in 2014 they were declared a distinct species of Ostrich. The Somali ostriches are large flightless birds identified by their gray-blue necked and thighs, in the mating season the blue on male ostriches become bright blue.

Samburu Special Five
Somali Ostrich

Though Somali Ostrich are distinct species of ostrich, they can be found in the Horn of Africa in Somalia, Ethiopia and Northern Kenya’s Samburu national reserve.

Beisa Oryx

Beisa Oryx are another species of the Samburu Special Five found in Samburu national reserve, these beautiful creatures are easy to spot as they love hanging out with the zebras though they seem to disperse as soon they notice the presence of a vehicle.

The Beisa Oryx have a gray coat with a white belly and legs separated by a stripe of black and remarkably thin, straight horns in both males and females.

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