Shaba National Reserve Animals

Shaba National Reserve Animals : Shaba National Reserve is located in Isiolo County within the Northern region of Kenya. In addition, it is situated within the Eastern side of Samburu and Buffalo National reserve. Shaba national reserve is established as a game reserve in 1974 and it is being managed and administered by the Isiolo county council covering a total surface area of about 130 square kilometers. This national park is famously known for its Grevy Zebras and it is a good place to see the rare William’s lark. More so, Shaba national park is a dominated by the a semi desert which is surrounded with  beautiful isolated hills, scattered woodlands, acaci elitor, river-side forests, doum palms, dry grasslands, plentiful springs and the plentiful wildlife relies on the waterholes and marshes which act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species.

Wildlife Animals in Shaba National reserve.

Exploring through the Shaba National reserve gives you opportunities to sight see at many wildlife animals because it is a home to large numbers of them and they can be easily spotted within the Semi-arid conditions. In addition, some of these animals include; the gravy zebras, lions which are famously known as the “the king of the jungle”, reticulated giraffe, beisa oryx, hippos, gerenuk, Somali ostrich, hippos, buffalos, African elephants and many others. More so, tourists can also easily see large numbers of the animals along the banks of the riverine where they always gather to quench off their thirst.

Tourist Attractions found in Shaba National reserve.

There are so many attractions that can be found in Shaba national reserve hence which have led to large numbers of population of people to travel from all over different parts of the world to see and some of these include; beautiful bird species which are always strikingly numerous and colorful such as; marabou storks, vulture guinea fowl, doves, black-capped social weaver and black faced among others. There is also the Shaba hill and it is well known that the name Shaba national reserve was derived from it. More so, climbing at this hill blesses individuals with chances of capturing classic views of the scenic landscapes, sight see many animal species along the way and get a rewardable of all the park and wildlife species among others.

Activities done in Shaba National reserve

Touring around the Shaba National reserve gives you chances to participate in so many interesting activities where you gain new experiences such as;

Game drives.

Embarking onto game drives is one of the best ways of exploring with in many different parts in the park and it is best for individuals to use 4 by 4 wheels that are noted to have open loof tops and large widows which enables visitors to stretch as they capture classic views of all the wildlife animals and beautiful physical features in the park. more so, tourists should be aware that these game drives are usually done in different sessions for example; the morning game drives which is always considered to be the best time because it is when the animal species seem more active coming out of their hiding and they are seen moving around the park searching for food, and the afternoon game drives when tourists can still get chances to see the animals as they are sheltered, relaxing and hibernate because of too much sunshine. More so, individuals can opt to go for the evening game drives, which is always the best time for photography, and they are able to see animals as they search for food and drink water and spot many bird species.

Shaba National Reserve Animals
Shaba National Reserve

Cultural encounters.

Tourists can also choose to visit the neighbouring communities during their free time where they get opportunities to interact with the Samburu people who normally welcome their guests with their exciting traditional dance performances. More so, interacting with these local people gives you chances to learn more about their traditional ways and how they live their daily lifestyles such as; cattle herding, how they make their jewelry, how they prepare their local meals, learn the basics of their local languages and also listen to their stories where they get to learn more about their history and many others.

Guided nature walks.

Tourists can for guided nature walks where they are always accompanied with the park guides who lead them through different trails because they are well familiar with many parts of the park. Therefore, walking through this national reserve gives individuals chances to sight see at bird species, animal’s species, reptiles, insects, plant species and beautiful flowers and other small amphibian species among others.

In addition, it is best to visit this national park during the dry season which between months of March and July and October.

Accommodation Facilities in Shaba National Reserve.

Shaba National Reserve has so many accommodation facilities, which are always available for guests, which are ranged, and put in different classes like; budget, mid-range and luxury. And these  lodging facilities include; Bomen hotel, Shaba game lodge, silver beels hotel, sand beach resort, lions cave camp, Grande hotel, Camel’s gate lodge, silver beels hotel and many others.

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