Samburu National Reserve Safari

Specialties of Samburu

Specialties of Samburu :  The biggest African safari surprises can occasionally be found off the usual route. The vast plains and savannahs of Kenya are located in the south, where most safari tours to the country depart from, but you may wish to turn north instead. You’ll be rewarded with Samburu National Park’s expansive views and amazing wildlife populations there on a safari.

This remote reserve is less visited by tourists than its southern siblings, which results in greater park and animal life with less tourists, giving you a gratifying safari experience.

This vast area of acacia trees, riverine woodlands, and welcome fields is frequented by all the big cats. Search for lions, leopards, and cheetahs. But the fauna that may be seen in this 165 sq. km (63 sq. mi) park doesn’t stop there.

Ewaso Ng’iro.

 The park is divided in half by this life-giving river, which adds a contrasting strip of green to the surrounding ochres and browns. The river nourishes the nearby forest, which supports the fauna drawn to this oasis. Some of the park’s 900+ elephants can be found here, along with other animals like warthogs, gazelles, impalas, baboons, and the small dik-dik, which gets its name from the distinctive sound it makes.

Over 450 different bird species can be found here, which adds colour to the skies and trees above. The reserve is home to eagles, starlings, hornbills, bee-eaters, vultures, and storks.

Samburu Special Five.

In addition, Samburu is a home to a rare animal collection that is unlike anything else in an African safari wildlife park. The “Samburu Special Five” are uncommon, endangered, and rare animals. Some or all of these unique species will be found by your Africa Kenya Safaris guide.

As follow: Grevy zebra, Somali ostrich, Reticulated giraffe, Gerenuk and Beisa Oryx.

The tortoise, the great egret, and the martial eagle are just a few of the numerous endangered species that call the reserve a home. African wild dog groups, which are found in their sizable, organized hunting packs, are another speciality of the Samburu that are uncommonly encountered in other parks.

The Samburu people.

The Maasai are a pastoral tribe that has been in this region of East Africa for ages and is well-known for leading a herding lifestyle. You’ve definitely heard of them. The Samburu People are a tribe connected to the Maasai. You can talk to them while in the park because they live here in little settlements. View their bomas, take in their vibrant dances and ceremonies, and discover more about their way of life as an indigenous people.

Specialties of Samburu
samburu people

Samburu’s Neighborhood.

 The close proximity of the Shaba and Buffalo Springs Reserves to Samburu is an additional benefit of an African safari journey to that location. These are nearby and offer a wide range of interesting scenery to discover. Shaba has forests, woodlands, and unusual volcanic structures like the Shaba Hill Volcano. It is greener than Samburu National Reserve.

A nearby oasis named Buffalo Springs delights tourists with its volcanic artefacts, including the Champagne Ride, a broad lava terrace. Elephants, antelope, and kudu are just a few of the animals drawn to these springs by the local fauna.

A Special African Safari Wildlife Park.

 You’ll leave Samburu with the impression that it’s a wonderful, little-visited park with abundance of wildlife and a relaxed, serene atmosphere. Contact Focus East Africa Tours and we’ll arrange for you to ride upcountry in a private 4 x 4 Jeep to make your own unique discoveries.

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