Top Incredible activities in Kenya

Top Incredible activities in Kenya  : Kenya is the most wonderful land when it comes to the best safaris in the entire East Africa, even not only that but in the entire Africa. Kenya starts with the unbelievable magical natural world wonders in Maasai Mara National Reserve which attracts a variety of the both local and the international tourists that’s where they are offered the best wildlife safari in the country, the bird watching safari, beach safari, hiking safari, walking safari and among many others which makes everyone to be filled with the most stunning moments ever in Kenya.

This articles explains to you the most safaris that you should never miss out during your time in Kenya because they are such stunning and gives you the most breathtaking safari memories in your entire life time in Kenya.

Activities done in Kenya.

Watching the Great Migration.

Watching the Great Migration is known as the natural wonder to everyone because this takes place only in Kenya in Maasai Mara National Park and Tanzania in Serengeti National Park this is so attractive and magical when watching it while crossing the Mara River where the millions and millions of wildebeest, thousands of zebras, gazelle’s, impalas and this  needs your presence to rill feel the activity, the Great migration happens in July and October in search of the greener pastures in Kenya this will be best when you vanquish with on your safari to Kenya.

Top Incredible activities in Kenya
Wildebeest Migration in Masai Mara

Seeing the flamingos at Lake Nakuru National Park.

Lake Nakuru National Park is a popular safari destination in Kenya being the most stunning place where the tourists can watch the pink blanket inform of flamingos, this is so attractive to the tourists who come to visit the park, and the flamingos gives the tourists the best safari experience, not only the flamingos, Lake Nakuru National Park is renowned as a birding paradise with a variety of the bird species including the white pelican and other water bird species, on your safari to the park the tourists enjoy spotting and viewing animal species like rhinos and leopards and among others.

Walking safaris.

Kenya is gifted with everything, the tourists who visit the country experiences the walking safari on foot this is a great way to get out of the vehicle and stretch out your legs during a safari which is one way of doing the exercises, this can be done with the presence of the experienced safari guides while they are explaining to you about the various wildlife safari in various national parks and national reserves in the country and also taking you to the various cultural visits. Walking safaris in Kenya is such marvelous that is done in various national parks and national reserves to explore the nature while encountering it which is rewardable.

Cultural safari.

Tourists who visit Kenya are experienced with the cultural safari that is exploring the Maasai people these are traditionally semi-nomadic and they live in the small settlements, your safari in Kenya can never be complete before coming across the Maasai people and their incredible knowledge of the bush makes them brilliant guides and trackers given their history growing up in the bush, here the tourists are allowed to visit the Maasai people and interacting with them during your safari, visiting them in their manyatta houses and remember the way of greeting them is by shaking hands with them but by using the right hand where the left hand is considered as rude.

Wildlife safari.

Wildlife safari in Kenya generally is the spotting of the free ranging elephants in the Amboseli National Park if you have never seen the large herds of elephants then Kenya is the right place to go on your safari here you watch the elephants as they interacting with each other with the most incredible iconic images of the snowcapped Mount Kilimanjaro in the background, minus that wildlife goes beyond far even you view the Big five mammal species in the park like leopard, lion, elephant, buffalo, rhino and a variety of the bird species.

Beach safari.

Beach safari in Kenya is most incredible, that’s where the tourists enjoy the coastal clean waters, and lunch green coastline on a safari here the travelers explore the most stunning waters and sands of the most gorgeous Diani Beach this is perfect place for relaxing on a safari while sipping yourself the most flavored cocktail of your choice and enjoying the most various activities done at the beach like kite surfing, snorkeling, diving and among others.

Top Incredible activities in Kenya
Beach Safaris

Camel safari.

 Camel safari experience is the first activity that makes you enjoy the nature of Kenya by sitting on the top of the camel, as you watch the giraffe nibbling in the acacia tree or spotting the elephants interacting with their follows as this is a magical experience or it’s like watching the Casablanca movie, the safari becomes meaningful to you when you select and do it from the Laikipia and the Lewa areas in Kenya which becomes the most amazing one, Top Incredible activities in Kenya .

Bush breakfasts and sundowner drinks.

This is the most delight for many safari tourists this is where the tourists are given the chances to experience the bush breakfasts, this is so meaningful to the tourists while watching a couple of the wildlife in the back ground while enjoying the bacon and eggs to granola then during the evenings the tourists enjoy taking the drinks of a cold beer while the sunset and you watch game about its daily life.

Camping safari.

Tourists enjoy the camping safari in the calm and conducive environment while sleeping under the stars, with the presence of the bush fire to keep you warm which is the most loved safari experience, this camping safari can be done in the most of the national parks and national reserves in Kenya and especially in El Karama in Laikipai. Camping safari is so amazing and here the tourists enjoy the most beautiful sounds made by the birds when it’s getting to the morning and there after you can be served with the hot coffee and freshly baked cinnamon buns which perfects you camping safari in Kenya, Top Incredible activities in Kenya .

Not only those mentioned above Kenya is blessed with a variety of the safari activities that includes the rhino tracking, horseback safari, hiking the Mount Kenya, breakfast with a giraffe, taking part in the Lewa Marathon, visiting the wander streets of Lamu, visiting Fort Jesus Mombasa, hot air balloon safari and many others try out Kenya for a safari you will never get disappointed.

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