Tourist Attractions in Meru National Park

Tourist Attractions in Meru National Park : With its unparalleled remoteness, harsh mood, and untamed beauty, Meru National Park is a haven for an astounding diversity of Kenya tourism attractions. It is also remarkably untouched and welcomingly uncrowded. The drier regions of Meru National Park’s south and east are dotted with rocky ridges and kopjes; the most famous of these is Mughwango Hill, home to Elsa’s Kopje. Other notable features of the park include the permanent Mulika, Mururi, and Bwatherongi swamps, as well as a wide variety of wildlife habitats. These features all contribute to the park’s enormous diversity of tourist attractions.


Meru National Park offers breathtaking scenery and an incredible variety of wildlife, including sightings of magnificent predators like lions, African leopards, and cheetahs, which are a captivating part of most game drives; Buffalos roam in large numbers, and the distinctive grazers of northern Kenya, like the finely striped Grevy’s Zebra, African Bush Elephants, Eland, Bush Pigs, waterbuck, Reticulated Giraffe, Bohor Reedbuck, and Hartebeest, are abundant. Other Kenya safari attractions include majestic beisa oryx, Grant’s gazelles, and shy and beautifully marked lesser kudu, bewildered by the long-necked gerenuk, and observe hippos and crocodiles from the park’s streams and rivers. This National Park is home to reptiles like cobras, puff udders, and pythons.


The abundant and remarkable birdlife of Meru National Park is another draw for tourists. There are over 427 documented species of birds in the park, including the recognisable ostrich and the elegantly plumed vulturine guinea fowl that you will witness while driving around. Red-necked falcons, which nest in the stands of doum palms, are also worth a look, as is the Pel’s fishing owl, which is difficult to spot and highly regarded by bird watchers. African Finfoot inhabits the park’s streams, and kingfishers—including the pied and more elusive giant kingfisher—are also worth a visit. Specialised flower-feeding sunbirds, such as the tiny black-bellied sunbird, can be found in abundance in the wooded areas by watercourses.

Meru Rhino sanctuary

The prosperous rhino refuge in Meru National Park is one of the park’s other main Kenya safari tourist attractions. This safe haven inside the National Park currently extends over a significant 80 km², just next to the main entrance on the western edge. The sanctuary safeguards about forty white rhinos and twenty black rhinos, with fences allowing smaller animals to roam freely and with a large number of rangers. Since they are all constantly watched upon and accustomed to seeing people, sightings can be excellent.

Other Kenyan safari tourist attractions in Meru National Park include the former residence of George and Joy Adamson, Adamson’s Falls, the graves of Joy Adamson and Elsa the Lioness, views of Mount Kenya, and the Tana River. These are in addition to the park’s breathtaking scenery, geography, and wildlife.

Tourist Activities in Meru National Park

When visiting Meru National Park for a wildlife safari in Kenya, tourists enjoy a variety of tourist activities.

Game Viewing

The primary tourist activity in Meru National Park that draws tourists to the park is game viewing. Experience the intimate splendour of the Meru wilderness by going on game drives through the park’s dirt roads. These drives offer an exhilarating way to see the wide variety of animals that roam the breathtakingly beautiful Meru landscapes and along the banks of several streams and springs, including the Tana, Bisanadi, and Rojerwero rivers, which are the main rivers and are great places to see hippos and crocodiles. You’ll be rewarded with fascinating vistas of the nearby hills and mountains shimmering in the distance, particularly Mount Kenya, whose frequently visible snow-capped sides. During a night game drive, keep an eye out for the Big Five African Mammals, which includes the big cats, since good sightings of these predators are possible.

Adamson and Elsa the Lioness grave

The incredible experience of walking to Elsa’s tomb and learning about their history is one of the tourist activities in Meru National Park. Joy Adamson and Elsa the Lioness created this park with their critically acclaimed book Born Fire. Feel the adrenaline of the game drives on your feet for bush walks to connect with nature and discover the special details of this wild and rugged area that was once home to Joy & George Adamson and Elsa the lioness. You can also visit Elsa’s grave with an armed park ranger. Take a stroll to the swiftly flowing Adamson Falls, where the Tana River is compelled to pass through a narrow rock formation. Along the way, you may see incredible wildlife encounters and natural marvels and relish the beautiful beauty, solitude, and space all to yourself.


Bird watching is another amazing adventure experience offered by Meru National Park’s tourist activities. If you’re a passionate bird watcher hoping to catch a glimpse of some of the park’s nearly 400 bird species, you can find many of them here as you stroll along the banks of numerous rivers and streams, surrounded by acacia woodlands that create a jungle setting for bird habitats, in the dense riverine forests, and in swamps. This experience will leave you with a taste that’s unlike anything else.

Visit Meru Rhino  sanctuary

One of the main Kenya safari tourist activities in Meru National Park is visiting the Meru Rhino Sanctuary, which will give you up-close encounters with the healthy population of both black and white rhinoceroses, which number about 80 and are protected in a heavily fenced area due to the threat of poaching, which is taken very seriously here. This will make your Big 5 dream adventure come true.

Tourist Attractions in Meru National Park
Meru Rhino  sanctuary


Take your rod, some canapés, and a nice book, and settle down on the palm-lined riverbanks along one of the several rivers that intersect the park. Fishing is a wonderful activity, and you may enjoy your catch of bountiful catfish, tilapia, and barbell.

Cultural tours

Cultural tours are small-scale tourism activities in Meru National Park that are offered into the neighbouring local communities, like the Tharaka community near the park, and take you away from wildlife, nature, and wilderness adventure experiences. These Kenya safari tours will give you an insight into the traditional lifestyle and cultures of the people living here and add a special touch to your Kenya safari.

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