What Is The Purpose Of A Watamu Marine National Park?

What Is The Purpose Of A Watamu Marine National Park? Watamu marine National park was mainly established with the major purpose of protecting the tidal lands and the waters and conserving the its natural environment which is surrounded with beautiful physical features such as; seagrass beds, sandbanks, mangrove wetlands, rocky outcrops, beaches, mudflat and fringing reefs which act all act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species. Watamu Marine national park is considered to be among the oldest Kenyan Marine parks in the country which acts a good safari destination that harbours many unique water species such as the green turtle and it has more than 150 species of hard and soft corals like; the sponges, fan corals, brain corals which are best for providing nutrients for the fish species.  more so, this national park is a home to over 600 fish species and over 100 species of these can be seen by the tourists while visit the park and they are also able to get a chance to see species like; the Manta rays, Octopus, Barracuda, whale shark, barrancuda which are considered to be the largest species within the park.

Watamu Marine national park was officially established as a national park in 1968  hence famously known to be among the first marine parks that were opened up in Kenya and it is being managed by the Kenya Wildlife service’s whose major role is to protect and conserve all the national parks in the country. More so, this national park is located in the Northern region of Mombasa, which is the second largest city after Nairobi that is known to be capital city of Kenya. And the best time for tourists to visit within this park is between months of June to November when the landscape contains plain grass and the water temperatures varies from 20 degrees celisious and from December to May when the degrees are about 30 hence making it a perfect time for visitors to relax.

Tourist Attractions in Watamu Marine National park.

Watamu marine national park has so many tourist attractions, which lead individuals to travel and visit the park while on their safari in the country. In addition, some these include;

  • Bird species; Watamu marine national park is a home to over 100 bird species which are easily spotted with in the bush, cultivated gardens, shambas and some of these birds include; white-browed coucal, black kite, common bulbul, soeckled mouse bird, lilac breasted roller, bright yellow canaries, golden palm weavers which are commonly seen as they perched on the poles and wires.
  • Mida Creek forest which is seen as a good natural habitat for both resident and migratory birds and also a diversity of mangrove species such as; Rhizophora mucronata, Bruiguier, Ceriops tagal, Avicennia Marina, Sonneratia Alba among others.

More so, touring around Watamu marine national park gives you opportunities to experience the marine life such as; crabs, Octopus, Turtles, Dugongs, dolphins and also visit places like the Kidepo project, Gede ruins, Haven of green turtle and the attractive coral garden among others.

Activities done in Watamu Marine National Park.

There are so many intresting things that tourists can so while they explore around watamu marine national park hence granting you have a fabulous safari destination and some of these things include; snorkeling which is one of the unique way to be close to the marine life in the visible water, diving due to the fact that this national park contains diving sites which can easily accessed from the shores, visit Gedi town ruins which is known to be historical site where one can visit and learn the archeology of the area.

More so, tourists can learn more about the Marine life experience whereby they are able to see the small fish to the bigger species such as; angle fish, whale shark, green sea turtle, spearfish, batfish, crocodile fish, sailfish, damselfish, drummer fish, Octopus, hawksbills, olive ridley turtle and leather back among others. individuals can choose to visit the Gedi town ruins, fishing experience, bird watching which are best spotted within areas like; Arabuko sokoke forest and Mida creek among others.

Activities done in Watamu Marine National Park
Watamu Marine National Park

How to get to Watamu Marine National park.

For tourists planning to go to Watamu Marine National park can choose to go by either road transport or air transport.

By road; tourists who wish to enjoy the long trip as they explore well through the beautiful landscapes of Kenya can take a drive which covers a distance of about 120 kilometers from the North of Mombasa and 28 kilometers from the South of Malindi in order to be able to reach the park.

By Air, for tourists who might have a tight schedule and would love to skip the long trips can opt to book their chartered or domestic flights from Wilson Airport to Malindi airport hence leading you to the park.

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