Where to Stay in Kenya for Easter getaway

Where to Stay in Kenya for Easter getaway : An Easter getaway would be a wonderful way to commemorate this occasion, which is quickly approaching. Some of the world’s most breathtaking  safari tourism locations may be found in Kenya. We recognise that with so many venues to choose from, choosing the best places to vacation during the holidays can be difficult. Though your tastes are subject to change at any time, there are situations when the options seem unlimited.

We go over the top five Kenya safari travel spots in this blog post, which you should think about visiting over the Easter Holidays.

The One, Watamu Bay (By Watamu Beach)

One of Kenya’s largest parks, Tsavo East National Park, is home to Ashnil Aruba Lodge. There is wildlife and breathtaking scenery all around this property. The resort provides a range of activities around Easter, such as nature hikes, game drives, and cultural excursions to the neighbouring Maasai town. The resort features a spa, a swimming pool, and opulent accommodations. Ashnil Aruba Lodge is the ideal location for people who wish to get up close and personal with the African environment and wildlife.

The One Watamu Bay

Situated near Watamu Beach on Kenya’s north coast is a stunning resort called The One, Watamu Bay. For those looking to spend a laid-back Easter holiday near the beach, this resort is ideal. The resort offers a range of dining options, bars, and a swimming pool in addition to big rooms. Numerous water sports, including fishing, scuba diving, and snorkelling, are available at the beach. The resort provides entertainment and kid-friendly activities throughout Easter, such as live music, beach games, and Easter egg hunts.

Jumbo Resort (By Watamu Beach)

Another stunning resort near Watamu Beach on Kenya’s north coast is called Jumbo Resort. For those who wish to enjoy both the beach and the African environment, this resort is ideal. The Arabuko Sokoke forest encircles the 20-acre tropical garden on which the resort is located. The resort provides a range of activities around Easter, such as game drives, nature walks, and bird viewing. The resort features fine dining options, pubs, and a swimming pool.

Lake Elementaita Sentrim Lodge (By Lake Elementaita)

Situated next to Lake Elementaita, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is Lake Elementaita Sentrim Lodge. The lodge provides a range of activities, including nature hikes, wildlife drives, and bird viewing. The lodge provides entertainment and kid-friendly activities around Easter, such as cultural excursions to the neighbouring Maasai village and Easter egg hunts. The lodge features an array of spa services, a swimming pool, and opulent suites.

Sarova Shaba Game Lodge

The stunning Shaba-Samburu National Reserve, which is located in northern Kenya, is home to the Sarova Shaba Game Lodge. Beautiful scenery and wildlife, including the Big Five, envelop the lodge. The lodge provides Easter activities like nature walks, game drives, and cultural trips to the neighbouring Samburu village.

Kenya is an exquisite nation offering an array of top tourism spots. There is something for everyone, whether your goals are to discover UNESCO World Heritage sites, unwind on the beach, or experience the African bush.

Local travel to Kenya’s game reserves and national parks has increased over time as more Kenyans want to see their nation’s natural beauty. But even with this rise, a sizable portion of Kenyans continue to be reluctant to travel locally. Maybe they are put off by the expensive nature of travel packages, or maybe they think that travelling abroad is more glamorous.

Where to Stay in Kenya for Easter getaway
Sarova Shaba Game Lodge

Kenyan Beach

You will undoubtedly get a unique perspective on Mombasa whether you travel in a group with friends or your family or on your alone as a backpacker. Despite the fact that Mombasa Raha is often associated with the sea, sun, and sand, there are other attractions outside of Pirates Beach. You make the most of your time and see these places in their entirety, make sure you take a Fly540 flight.

Culinary Experience

Real tastes are difficult to find. Especially if you stay at a well-known hotel where the buffet meals are usually boring. Here are some choices if you want to enjoy a nice meal in Mombasa without going over your budget:

Mama City: If you’re looking for somewhere to eat with your feet firmly planted, Mama City, which is close to City Mall, is the place to go. In addition to its affordable kibandasky pricing, this contemporary and industrial-style restaurant in the heart of Mombasa offers a number of unique features not found in other local eateries, like substantial portions of viazi karai and pilau.

Tarboosh: An excellent addition to the Old Town eating scene is Tarboosh. There’s a wide array of popular Swahili and Indian meals on the menu, including lamb biryani. Make sure to give us a call at least a little before dinnertime to place your order. Still, you can take the tender beef mishkaki off the skewers.

Char Choma: Char-Choma boasts a charming patio with a view of the sea. This is the spot to satisfy your cravings for Nairobi cuisine, like as ugali and nyama choma, if you’re sick of the fiery Swahili delicacies.

Mombasa Old Town

This site, which is roughly 72 hectares in size, is a UNESCO Heritage Site. For centuries, Africans, Arabs, Asians, and Europeans have coexisted in diverse cultures. Consequently, a notable assortment of historically significant structures from the 18th century can be seen, whose architectural styles are shaped by this variety.

Mandhry Mosque: The Old Town’s Mandhry Mosque is the oldest structure in the city. The mosque is not open to the public, but you may still view it from the outside. It will catch your eye as a superb illustration of Swahili architecture. The blending of the geometric patterns of African motifs with the refined Arabic style is what makes it unique.

Yusufi Antiques & Gallery: You can purchase all of your souvenirs from Yusufi Antiques & Gallery, which is located just adjacent to the mosque. They have a good assortment of collectors’ artefacts, including several miniature animal carvings from Kenya as well as masks and carvings from Central and West Africa. Mombasa Marine Park offers deep-sea diving, water skiing, and windsurfing.  Mombasa Among others, Go Kart Mamba Village Water Park Haller Park.

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