Mombasa Marine National park and reserve

Mombasa Marine National park and reserve is a marine park and national reserve in Mombasa Kenya. The park is 10k 2 (2,500 acres) while the reserve s 200km2 (49,400 acres). It is located on the coast near tourist areas and is a popular beach because of the snorkeling and diving; other activities include taking a boat ride, recreational fishing, windsurfing, water skiing, and viewing the other wildlife on land and under water.

It is the most frequently visited of the Kenya’s marine parks, it has coral reefs in its waters, the reserve is also provides  a home to a variety of marine species including crabs, starfish, stone fish, cucumbers sea urchins, corals, turtles, sea grasses and the migratory birds including the crab plovers. Mombasa Marine Park and reserve was established in 1986 to protect the coral reefs as that it’s a part of the ecosystem formation at the Kenyan coast.

Attractions in Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve.

Marine life.

Mombasa Marine has various marine life that are always found in the ocean like the crabs, corals, sea urchins, sea stars, sea cucumbers as well different varieties of coral species comprise of Acropora, Turbinaria and Porites.

Mombasa Marine National park and reserve
Mombasa Marine National park and reserve

Bird species.

The area is infested with many seabirds in large nesting and internationally significant numbers of crab plover and roseate tern which are most liked by the guests because of being with unique characteristics.


It have got the most attractive and liked type of vegetation that guests always admire that is the sea grasses and marine algae which looks too conducive to the tourists.

Turtle and dolphin territory.

Kenya’s reef and lagoons also prove popular with the endangered green, hawksbill, loggerhead, Ridley and leatherback sea turtles. Dolphins too are regular visitors to the area (spinner, humpback and bottle- nosed) and can be encountered singly or in schools, above and below the waves.

Beaches that border Mombasa Marine Park and Reserve.

North and south of Mombasa are some of the finest beaches in Africa, endless crescents of silver sand bordered by Opulent coastal hotels, and with direst access to the coral gardens of the reef, Nyali Beach, Bamburi beach, Shanzu Beach and Kenyatta Public Beach all enjoy immediate access to the Mombasa Marine Park. Shanzu Beach is very popular with these turtles, which come here to lay their eggs.

Activities done in Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve.

Marine Life Viewing.

The park and the reserve are filled with various marine species, such as the sea grasses, starfish, crabs, turtles, stone fish, sea urchins, sea cucumber, octopus, shark, dolphin, angel fish, butterfly fish, bottlenose dolphin, green sea turtle, parrot fish, hawksbill, humpback dolphin, leather black turtle, zebra fish, damselfish, spinner dolphin, loggerhead fish all these are great attraction to the guests who visit the reserve because of the diverse features and characteristics of the marine life.


Apart from viewing the marine life in the area, the guests also benefit and carryout fishing and also they can be introduced to different and unique creatures in the ocean.

Mombasa Marine National park and reserve


This is also the most liked activity experience at Mombasa Marine Park and reserve with the most and best diving area, as well carrying out  day and night diving are available at the site and the diving gears are available for hiring at the respective hotels or lodges.

Boat rides.

This is one of the most amazing activities done in the reserve and park as experiencing the nature of the water, this boat riding is done with packed lunch where the guests enjoy it with their lunch, and also the guests can be viewing the aquatic birds as they are enjoying the boat riding.

Bird watching.

The reserve and the park have got the most attractive water birds, the guests can enjoy the entertainment of various bird species by also identifying various bird species while watching them.


This is the exposure of the outside as one is enjoying the warness of the sun this mostly takes place on the sandy beaches along the shores of the Indian ocean where visitors can as well enjoy the cool breeze of the ocean.


Snorkeling is an entertaining activity for the tourists where they can view the treasures of the sea in the clear water, snorkeling equipment’s are always available for hiring.

Entry fees of Mombasa Marine National Park and reserve.

Category Citizen(KSH) Resident (KSH) Non-Resident(USD)
Adult 130 130 17
Child 125 125 13

Best time to visit Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve.

The best time to visit Mombasa Marine park and reserve is from October and march for many activities like the scuba divers, snorkelers and also best tie to enjoy marine life.

Mombasa Marine National park and reserve
Mombasa Marine National park and reserve

Where to stay in Mombasa Marine National Reserve Park.

During your visit to Mombasa Marine national reserve and park there are various accommodations for you from Budget, Mid-range and Luxury that includes the Bahari Beach Hotel, Ocean View Nayali Boutique Hotel, Baobab holiday resort limited, Tulia house Backpackers, Luxury Residence, Pollman’s resort and many others.

How to get to Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve.

The Mombasa Marine national park and reserve can be accessed by both the road and the air means from Nairobi to the reserve.

By Road means.

The distance from Nairobi to the reserve is 497.1 kilometers through the Mombasa Road, which takes 8hr 50 minutes. The park can be reaches by road from Mombasa city center, and then connected by boat from the various points along the beach which include, Serena Gate on beach of Serena Hotel, Severin Gate on beach of Severin Hotel, Travelers Gate on beach of Travelers Hotel, Nyali Gate at Mombasa Marine park headquarters and Voyager Gate at Voyager water sport area.

By Air means.

Moi international airport is the main aviation hub serving the coastal city of Mombasa, this takes 1 hr. 40 minutes to the reserve.

Mombasa Marine national reserve and park is a popular area in Kenya known for snorkeling, diving, boat ride, recreational fishing, marine viewing on land and underwater and it’s the most frequently visited Kenya’s marine parks it is also filled with coral reefs, characterized by sandy beaches, palm trees, azure ocean and many. The reserve is one of the most beautiful marine reserve in Kenya.

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