Rusinga Island lodge

Rusinga Island lodge is  the most amazing infinite beauty to calm the mind of a tourist, Rusinga lodge is such blissful that is it provides the breathtaking moment  on a safari in Kenya, the lodge is situated on the shores of Lake Victoria in Kenya as it gives the most charming breezes to the visitors on a safari, because the visitors do enjoy the  amazing beautiful grounds on the shores of Lake Victoria while imaging staying in the most suitable and comfortable thatched cottages that have the  most scenic views over the sparkling water.

Accommodation at Rusinga Island lodge.

Rusinga island lodge has got the most great accommodation facilities where it has got the 11  thatched cottages overlooking the lapping waters of Lake Victoria, the cottages are such attractive with the construction materials that are such sustainable to the environment that are locally available are furnished either with a king-sized or the double bed, and therefore each of the cottage has a small living area where the visitors enjoy their time while relaxing also the cottages have got the private verandas that are  great places  to relax and enjoy the views of the lake. In the cottages the visitors are provided with all the necessities while not forgetting that they have the en-suite bathrooms that have a walk-in showers.

Rusinga Island lodge
Rusinga Island lodge

Visitors do enjoy the swimming pool as a way of relaxing from there like as a family, a couple, this is where the guests do enjoy relaxing and chilling from the waters of the swimming pool water.

Restaurant and Bar at Rusinga island lodge.

The Rusinga island lodge has got the most stunning restaurant and bar where the guests enjoy the delicious food from the fine-dining restaurant, where the tourists enjoy the drinks at the bar/lounge and dine alfresco, most of the visitors enjoy having their wrap up their while enjoying a drink at the poolside bar.

Activities done at Rusinga island lodge.

The visitors on a safari to Rusinga island lodge do experience and participate in the various activities that are done at the lodge as these gives them the most calm and humble time at the lodge and this  gives them the most relaxed and unforgettable memories.


The Rusinga island lodge being next to Lake Victoria, therefore the guests get engaged in activities like fishing this is where the tourists participate in fishing and they fish the commonly and attractive Nile Perch, and at times tilapia fish  from the Lake Victoria, there are various fully equipped boast that visitors use during fishing safari besides the experienced guides.

Exploring the Palaeontology site.

Rusinga island is such amazing and famous for the primate fossils, that is its where the Palaeontologist Louis and Mary Leaky found an 18 million year old primate fossil here in 1948, this is where the researchers are mostly found in the place mostly by the Americans that is every year an archaeological team is based at Rusinga, therefore the visitors who stay at the Rusinga island lodge can be on a safe side to tour the site during a safari walk and here the guides will explain to them the significance of the finds and also if it happens you find the American researchers where  you can as well chat with them during your Kenya safari at the site.

Biking and hiking.

The tourists who are interested in the biking and hiking, then Rusinga island lodge is the best place to be in on your safari, as here the tourists do hiking and biking as a way of exploring the island, as well as watching the locals and their lives with the help of the guides that allocates the visitors as they are taking them about the area and as well elucidate about the people who lived around the place and painted the rock art.

Rusinga Island lodge
Rusinga Island lodge


The wellness spa treatments  is the most perfect one that every guest should never miss out on a safari as this indulges the senses and be rejuvenated, the spa offers the guests with the number of treatments like massages, Indian head massage, manicures and pedicure and many others.

Exploring Ruma National Park.

Tourists on a safari to the Rusinga island lodge, this is where the guests do explore the features of the park, which is so renowned because of the roan antelopes in Kenya, it is such rewarding to every tourist who comes to explore it, this is explored through the speedboat trip from the island, on the returning back it’s a 30 minute drive back to the park.

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