Camping in Samburu National Reserve


Camping in Samburu National Reserve : Samburu National Reserve is a game reserve located on the banks of the Ewaso Ngiro River in Kenya. The reserve is 165km2 in size and is situated 350 kilometers from Nairobi, the reserve ranges from 800 to 1230 m above sea level. Samburu National reserve was established in 1985.

Samburu National Reserve is a unique wildlife conservation haven famous for abundance of the rare species of animals such as the Grevy zebra, Somali Ostrich, Reticulated Giraffe, Gerenuk and the Beisa Oryx. The reserve is also a home to a population of close 900 elephants.

Camping In Samburu National Reserve.

Camping is an outdoor activity from home with or without a shelter, such a tent or the recreational vehicle, typically the participants leave developed area to spend time outdoors in more natural ones in pursuit of activities providing them enjoyment or an educational experience, camel trekking.

Samburu National Reserve has a different camping destination where as the guests or visitors experience a lot of adventure activities such as hiking, bird watching, game driving that gives one ultimate outdoors experience in the reserve. Camping adds much value to the guests’ experience and its much advantageous in that you will stay close to the wilderness, they are migratory depending on the weather and the movement of animals at the reserve.

Camping safaris is more advantageous in that one feels close to nature, the camping grounds in the Samburu National reserve has both the public and the special campsites, the campers can go with their own tents or hire tents with the sleeping bags and pitch them on the ground. There is a public campsite is in the beautiful location complete with a nice sandy beach down to the Ewaso Nyiro River, there are no fences so the crocodiles abound which causes to no swimming but the rangers are so close to the campsite so the security is assured around the campsite. The crocodiles near that campsite there is no worry to fear and get scared about them because they keep on the other side of the river, the campsite has good toilets and showers (no heaters) the good thing Samburu is hot enough that the cold shower is a welcome relief.

There is also Special campsite in Samburu National Reserve. Now the relatively new Sentrim Samburu Camp is a luxury tented camp, which is located within the boundaries of the Samburu National reserve, it is situated on the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River, it offers 20 tents, a central dining, bar and lounge are, gift shop, and a swimming pool, sundeck and Jacuzzi.

Camping in Samburu National Reserve
Camping in Samburu National Reserve

Samburu Riverside camp, Samburu Riverside camp is located inside Samburu National Reserve on the Ewaso Nyiro River, it offers a garden, natural, environment with very little interference to the bush and its inhabitants, Samburu Riverside camp is a home to birds, mongoose, vervet monkeys, tortoises, elephants and others. The camp offers 8 very private tents, each with outside seating area double beds, private showers and toilets, with full board rates include accommodation, three home-cooked meals each day, and early morning tea and coffee at the tents or in the dining area, the half board rates include breakfast and dinner.

Camping in Samburu National Reserve is one of the great an amazing experience referred to as the True African Wildlife experience this is done in basic tents where one can feel the stars and the coldness of the nights in Samburu National Reserve hearing the various sounds of different animals and birds during deep in the night during not forgetting the elephants vibrating footsteps near your tent.

Camping in Samburu National Reserve helps you to explore more and therefore you can also make the best time period of your life during camping especially with your family, friends, in Samburu National Reserve during camping you also get the humble time and you plan many activities with your kids and family members, that is like planning for activities including  the game drives, nature walk and delegate to work to family members and enjoy doing work with them, and at night enjoying the camp fire with them.

The best time for camping in Samburu National Reserve is during the dry months in the year and that is during December through March and July through October are dry, making it by far best months for camping in reserve which does not disrupt the activities to be carried during camping for example like nature walks, hiking, game drives and among other desired activities to be done during camping.

Camping fees of Camping sites in Samburu National Reserve.

Adult USD 30 Ksh 500 Ksh **
Child USD 20 Ksh ** Ksh **
Student USD 20 Ksh** Ksh **

Reservation fees per week= Ksh 10,000.

How to get to Samburu National Reserve.

Samburu national reserve can be accessed by both road and flight means of transport.

By Flight means.

Samburu National reserve can be accessed by flight from Nairobi up to inside the reserve, this is a more convenient option, being only about 1.5 hours’ flight from Wilson Airport in Nairobi to a variety of different airstrips in Samburu National Reserve. The same plane then usually turns around back to Nairobi after dropping off or collecting passengers from a number of airstrips in Samburu.

Here almost all these flights take off from Wilson airport in Nairobi (as opposed to the Jomo Kenyatta international airport) and you need only be at the airport 45 minutes prior to the flight. The two main airlines are Air Kenya and Safari link, these two airlines have reliable service and credible safety record they as well connect flights from Samburu to Maasai Mara through Nanyuki during the peak season.

Morning Flight: Depart Nairobi 09:15 am-Arrive Samburu 10:45 am

Returning Morning Depart Samburu 10:55am-Arrivr Nairobi 12:40 pm

Morning Flight: Depart Samburu 10:05am –Arrive Maasai Mara 11:30am.

By Road means.

Samburu National reserve can also be accessed by the road means, that is it’s the most popular mode of transport from Nairobi to Samburu. The distance varies from 310 km to 325 km depending on which gate or entry point of Samburu you want to access. Typically, the journey takes 6 hours to Archer’s Gate which is the main entry to Samburu Game Reserve.

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