Sarara Tree House Namunyak

Sarara Tree House Namunyak : Sarara tree house is located in the incredible lush and serene environment into a forest glade at the foot of Warges Peak, the Sarara Tree houses do emerge from the beautiful forest canopy that makes every stay on a safari the most favored one. Sarara is set in the Northern part of Kenya on 850,000 acres of land in Namunyak Wildlife Conservancy. The Sarara Tree House is the true definition of offering the visitors with the romantic safari cool breeze due to the haven of the incredible atmosphere and the vibrancy that Sarara tree house offers thus as well offers the thrilling platform to experience the diverse numbers of wildlife and the rich Samburu culture of the Matthews Range.

Accommodation at Sarara Tree House Namunyak.

Sarara Tree House is the charming safari accommodation for the various tourists who happen to travel on a Kenya safari in the northern part of country. The house has got the fancy iconic setting of the rooms that offers the guests with the feeling of the utmost sanctuary. Sarara House Namunyak has got eight beautiful tents that are well raised up into the forest canopy where the amazing fall for nature begins from. Also the tents offers the visitors with the super viewing of the wildlife that is across the place.

 This is where the guests do experience the Kenya’s animal species as they are rested and relaxing in their tents including the lions, leopards, elephants, buffalos and among many others without forgetting the various numbers of the colorful and beautiful bird species as they whisper during the early morning time which makes your stay at Sarara Tree House the most perfect one as well as the animal species as they roam the forest floor beneath you that is worse than it.

Each tent at Sarara Tree House has got the en-suite, with the 24 hour provision of the solar heated outdoor showers. Looking into the forest which makes your stay at the Tree House very impressive and thus making the guests to feel more than home which gives them the real magnificent of the natural cool breeze from the power of the trees and are the forest.

The guests do experience the joyful safari moments when they stay at Sarara Tree House because that’s when they feel the free moment of relaxing with nature when they sit and watch the various biodiversity that is surrounding Sarara Tree House.

Dining at Sarara Tree House Namunyak.

Sarara Tree House Namunyak has got the dining where the guests are served with the food that is always a top notch, from the main lodge setting as you settle in for communal dining, or as well under the stars where you experience a private dinner surrounded by raw African night. The meals can be served by the welcoming and friendly staff that treasures your presence at the lodge, as well bush breakfasts and dinners under the starts can be served and which are favorite.

Sarara Tree House Namunyak
Sarara Tree House Namunyak

Guests who come to stay at Sarara tree House on a Kenya safari do enjoy the nature as the place being surrounded by the incredible indigenous trees this has contributed a lot Sarara Tree house to become a bird and wildlife enthusiast’s dream and this contributes and provides a front row seat of the most remarkable sighting. So during your time at the Tree House you will be blessed with the surrounding and cool environment where you will have the stunning and endless viewing of the animal species and bird species that will make your safari and stay at Sarara Tree House the ever unique one in your entire life.

Sarara Tree House is located in the Namunyak Conservancy which is an incredible home to the largest population of the elephants in the entire Kenya, again over 455 reticulated giraffe, the critically endangered Grevy zebra, various bird species that are rare in the entire country for example the fabled Generuk.

The safari activities that can be done at Sarara Tree House Namunyak by the guests includes walking safaris, unrestricted game drives, night time safari drives, visiting reteti elephant sanctuary, fly camping in a Lugga, guided trail runs, meeting the rescues, heli rides, sundowners, guided horse rides, bush dinners, visiting elephant rock, hikes up Mount uarges, overnight Heli-camping on Okra, beading with the Samburu ladies, relaxed afternoons by the pool, indulge in the rich birdlife and among many others.

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