5 Reasons to Visit Samburu National Reserve


5 Reasons to Visit Samburu National Reserve : Samburu national reserve is a game reserve located I the northern parts of Kenya about 6-7 hours from Nairobi, the reserve covers an area of 165 square kilometers and is shared by Isiolo country and Samburu County. Samburu national reserve sits on the banks of Ewaso Ng’iro at the altitude from 800 to 1230 meters above the sea level.

Samburu national reserve is semi-arid and it is bisected by Ewaso Nyiro River which is the main water source, the river flows through doum palm groves and thick riverine forests. The reserve is one of the two areas where conservationists George and Joy Adamson raised Elsa the Lioness who featured in the best-selling book and an award- winning movie Born Free, Samburu national reserve is also a home to Kamunyak, a lioness a famous for adopting Orxy calves.

Samburu National Reserve is a remarkable Kenya safari destination and here are the 5 reason to why you should visit this amazing reserve

Unique Wildlife

The unique wildlife in Samburu is one of the 5 Reasons to Visit Samburu National Reserve. Samburu national reserve is a remarkable habitat for wildlife with unique wildlife species referred to as the Samburu Special Five, these wildlife species are endemic to Samburu national reserve. The Samburu Special 5 includes Gerenuk, Reticulated giraffe, Grevy’s zebra, Somali Ostrich and Beisa Oryx.

Apart from the Samburu special 5, the reserve also hosts some of the Kenya’s rarest species such as the stripped hyena, Civet cat and African wild dog. Other wildlife species found in Samburu national reserve include elephants, lion, hippopotamus, cape buffalo, African leopard, cheetah, olive baboon, warthogs, Grant’s gazelle, kirk’s dik-dik, impala and waterbucks. The unique wildlife in Samburu can be encountered during game viewing experience through the acacia, riverine and grassland vegetation dominated the park’s landscape.

Intriguing Landscape

Though Samburu national reserve is famously known for its amazing wildlife species, the reserve has the some of the colorful and remarkable landscape, the beautiful scenery makes the reserve one of the best destinations to visit in Kenya for scenery viewing and excellent nature photography. The Landscape of Samburu national reserve comprises of  a mixture of  savannah, acacia, riverine forest, thorn trees, grassland vegetation and mountains.

The jaw-dropping scenery in Samburu national reserve is created by the beautiful landscape and a brown meandering river between the borus trees, the sunrises and sunsets in Samburu national reserve are a magical experience to encounter. For years now, most of the best photogenic wildlife pictures and award winning photos have been shoot in Samburu with wildlife and landscape in the background.

5 Reasons to Visit Samburu National Reserve
Samburu National Reserve Intriguing Landscape

Samburu People

The Samburu people is one of the 5 Reasons to Visit Samburu National Reserve. Samburu national reserve offers the most unique and exciting cultural experiences in the Samburu people living along the boundaries of the reserve, the Samburu people are semi-nomadic pastoralists depending on herding livestock including cattle, sheep, goats and camels. The Samburu people are one of the few tribes in Kenya with traditions, norms and culture which has not been destroyed by technology and modernity, these people are a sub-tribe of Maasai speaking their own dialect of the Maa language.

Samburu people are famously known for traditional lifestyle including religious beliefs, rituals and tribal clothing, while in the Samburu people you will be mind-blown by the their fascinating way of life and activities such as the traditional Samburu diet consisting of milk and blood.  The blood is collected from live cows by making tiny nick in the cow’s jugular and draining the blood in the cup, the wound on the cattle is sealed by hot ash. The Samburu diet is supplemented by roots, vegetables and tubers.  Another aspect of the Samburu lifestyle that will fascinate you is the tradition dressing and dances, the Samburu traditional dress consists of a vibrant red cloth “shukka” they wrap around themselves like a skirt and a white sash. The shukka is enhanced with many colorful beaded necklaces, earrings and bracelets, both men and women wear jewelry though where more.  Dances in the Samburu culture is very important , the Samburu dances are done in circles and men and women do not dance in the same circles.

The Samburu people are very friendly people and while in their community you will experience the real life of a Samburu warrior, learn more about their life and be entertained by cultural dances and songs.

Singing Wells

Samburu national reserve is a former residential area for the Samburu people who are currently living along the border of the reserve, these people are livestock herders and each morning they head to the family well to draw water for their livestock. While collecting water, they begin to sing songs with a unique tune which is recognized by the cattle to come and drink water.  While on game drive you will encounter the singing locals.

During the drought seems, the Samburu and their livestock walk miles in search for water and travelers on a safari in Samburu national park they get an opportunity to encounter large herds of cattle, goats and sheep out in the bush. Meet the Samburu people protecting the livestock and an interaction with them gives you an insight into the local lifestyle.

5 Reasons to Visit Samburu National Reserve
Samburu People

Exclusive Feeling

Samburu national reserve is one of the less visited Kenya safari destinations thus making offer an exclusive feeling, unique and species safari experience to travelers visiting Kenya. Samburu national reserve is situated in the northern region of northern region of Kenya which is less just like other protected areas found in the same region.

For travelers who prefer less crowded during your Kenya safari, Samburu national reserve is your perfect destination to visit as you will find a few vehicles in the reserve giving you a special feeling as you spot a lot of animals roaming around.

 Samburu national reserve has more to offers that is why you should include it in the list of the destinations to visit on a Kenya safari.

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