Aberdare national park Hiking

Aberdare national park Hiking  : Aberdare national park is located in central Kenya 165km from Nairobi. The Aberdare national park is part of the Aberdare mountain range. The national park was gazetted as a national park in 1950 mainly to offer refuge to wildlife and the Aberdare mountain range. Aberdare national park sits between the elevation of 2000 meters and 4000 meters above the sea level and covers a total land area of 767 square kilometers which is comprised of the moorland, bamboo forests, deep V-shaped valleys intersected by the rivers, waterfalls, streams, and rainforests and among others. The park was named after Aberdare mountain range which is an isolated volcanic range that forms the eastern arm of the rift valley that extends up to 100km north-south Nairobi.

Aberdare national park is a wildlife haven, in that the park has got the predator species travelers can hope to see including the lion, leopard, African wild dog, hyena, jackal, African gold cat, the park has well has got some of the popular species in the park that includes the eland, bushbuck, buffalo, reedbuck, giant forest hog, warthog, endangered black rhinoceros and many more. Aberdare national park is a birding paradise with over 250 bird species that includes African fish eagle, African goshawk, plovers and many more.

Aberdare National Park Hiking.

Hiking Elephant Hills.

Hiking is an exciting and adventurous activity, which is as well-known as an activity of moderate difficulty, which involves walking across long distances generally on the trails or paths, during your tour in Aberdare national park. There are various mountain peaks in the park which offer hiking safari such as the elephant hill hike which stands at 3720 meters above the sea level and is a 26 kilometer hike. During the elephant hill hike you can also be able to view a variety of the animal species like the spotted hyenas, leopards, lions and many more, Sasamua dam, Ndakaini dam. You can also hike Ol Doinyo Satima Mountain which stands at an elevation of 4000 meters above the sea level. Mount Satima which is also known as the mountain of the young bull was named after an explorer Joseph Thompson and it’s the highest peak in the Aberdare range.

Aberdare national park Hiking
Hiking Elephant Hills

Hiking to Satima peak gives the hiker the most magnificent views of the rift valley, Mount Kenya, wildlife species and among others. Due to its elevation hiking Satima peak needs one to have warm clothes because it gets cold as you hike because it says the higher you go the cooler it becomes, which summit and takes about 5 hours round the hike trip. There are other mountains like the Kiangop which is located in the south and Kipipiri Mountain which is located in the west of the mountainous moorland which can as well be hiked during your hiking tour in Aberdare national park.

Hiking Karuru Waterfall.

Karuru waterfall trail, this is a short hike from a designated parking area out to view the magnificent water fall. Karuru waterfall is the tallest water fall in Aberdare national park in that it features a total plunge of 895.67 feet (273 meters) over three stages. The first stage falls (117 meters), with the shortest plunge next at 26 meters), and the final drop of (130 meters) to the pool below, this gives the hikers the best moments during hiking when they are enjoying the water falls of the Karuru.

The start point is usually at the Mutubio park gate all the way to the wood rails where you can have the magnificent views of the Karuru waterfalls. The hike can take up to 8 hours, to and from so you need to plan your timing well, carry enough water and dress accordingly. The 8 hour hike is for an average hiker, the time will depend on your ability, and it can be more or less, though of the views, as you can see in the images should motivate you and keep in mind result is rewarding. Rating the hiking Karuru falls it is a moderate terrain ideal for the beginners. During your hiking activity to the Karuru waterfalls you can come across some animal species like the elephants, waterbucks, monkeys, antelopes and among other smaller harmless animals.

Best time for hiking in Aberdare national park.

Aberdare national park can be visited anytime throughout the year though but the best time for hiking is during the dry season in the months of June to September and December to February.

Requirements that should be on your hiking checklist.

During preparing yourself for the hiking activity, the following are the items that you  should remember about; Hiking backpack, weather-appropriate clothing (think moisture-wicking and layers), hiking boots or shoes, plenty of food, plenty of water, Navigation tools such as a map and compass, first-aid kit, Knife or multi-tool, those are the essentials for your appropriate hiking.

How to get to Aberdare national park.

Aberdare national park can be easily reached by both the road and the air means of transport from Nairobi to the [park.

By Road means.

Aberdare national park is only 99 miles (160km) from Nairobi which takes you around 2 hours and 48 minutes to reach the park, on the eastern side, there is a smooth tarmac road from Naro Moru and Nyeri towns. However, the best route runs from the towns of Naivasha and Nyahururu.

Aberdare national park Hiking
Aberdare national park Hiking

Gates are located at the Treetops, Ark, Ruhuruina, Wandera, and Kiandongoro if you are coming from Nyeri. When you reach the park from Nyahururu, you should use the Shamata or Rhino gate. Mutubio gate is perfect for the visitors coming from Naivasha.

By Air means.

The quickest flight from Nairobi Wilson Airport to Nanyuki Airport is the direct flight which takes you 35 minutes to reach Aberdare national park. Aberdare national park has got 2 airstrips for charter and the scheduled which are located at Mweiga and the Nanyuki, which are located close to Aberdare Park Kenya. Traveler can reach to Aberdare national park by Air transport through flying to Mweiga Airstrip which is the closet airstrip to the park.

Aberdare mountain ranges form part of this national park thus makes it a hiker’s paradise with such mountainous and hilly landscapes great hiking, one can hike to the table mountains, twin or elephant hills across the majestic waterfalls and get fantastic beautiful sceneries while you encounter with Kenya wildlife which makes your tour the best in Aberdare national park Kenya and memory one due hiking.

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