Accommodations in Tsavo West National Park

Accommodations in Tsavo West National Park : A lodge is a type of lodging for tourists that is usually found in isolated rural areas. In addition to lodging, lodges offer cuisine and recreational amenities like wildlife drives and safaris. The quality of the lodgings varies widely, ranging from basic bush camps (often tented) to luxurious lodges that resemble five-star hotels.

Kilaguni Lodge

This lodge is at the base of Mount Kilimanjaro, Kilaguni, which means “young rhino” in Kamba language, is a ridge with expansive views of the Chyulu Hills. Kilaguni Lodge, the first safari lodge in Kenya ever constructed in a national park, opened its doors in 1962. Since December 1999, Serena Hotels has been in charge of its management. It is situated in the heart of Tsavo West National Park. The lodge, which has viewing decks overlooking a waterhole, gives guests the opportunity for Kenya wildlife safaris to see plenty of animals without having to leave. The beautiful renovations of the 56 en-suite bedrooms, each with a private balcony, feature the colours of the African bush: sun-gold, sky-blue, and bush-green. The resort features a large patio where visitors may sip sundowners and take in breathtaking views of the African sun setting.

The renowned snows of Mount Kilimanjaro and the grasslands dotted with elephants can be seen for miles around, and there’s also an open-air restaurant offering a variety of ethnic and international food, decks with timbers for observing wildlife and a bar carved out of rock. A few of the activities are game drives, trips to the rhino sanctuary, Mzima Springs, where pure water bubbles out from volcanic rocks, Chaimu Lava Floor, Shetani Lava, and Roaring Rocks, a volcanic hill formation with caverns and rocks. The silver Ecotourism Kenya award belongs to Kilaguni Serena.

Taita Hills Game Lodge

Taita Hills Game Lodge is situated in a historically significant location of World War I. Its architecture is modelled after a German fortification. This lodge is an excellent starting point for meetings, rewards programmes, and hands-on learning thanks to its two conference rooms and well-trained personnel. The lodge features 62 rooms spread across three stories, including 2 suites, 20 twin rooms, 31 double rooms, and 9 triple rooms. Every room has a balcony with views of the gardens and the sanctuary and an en suite bathroom with a bathtub and shower. The Chala Restaurant offers both local and international food and is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Taita Bar and Lounge serves drinks and nibbles and is open from 1 a.m. until 11 p.m. Events and special dinners can be planned at Kudu Viewpoint or other locations inside the sanctuary, such as bush breakfast, barbecue lunch, or Out of Africa dinner.

On request, local musicians can also be arranged. The lodge is located next to Tsavo West National Park in the privately owned Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. Visitors can observe the sanctuary’s more than 300 species of birds and 50 species of mammals on day and night game drives. Talks about wildlife are offered upon request. The Zawadi loyalty scheme is offered by Sarova Hotels.

Salt lick Game Lodge

A unique architectural design, Salt Lick Game Lodge has ninety-six uniquely shaped oval rooms that face out over a salt lick and waterhole. These unique structures, perched on stilts, provide unobstructed views of nearby animals. At the floodlit waterhole at night, up-close game viewing is made possible by suspended walkways, a tunnel featuring a bunker, and specially designed windows. There are 96 rooms total—49 twin, 32 double, and 15 triple—spread across two stories. Every room has an ensuite bathroom, electric fans and mosquito netting. Breakfast and dinner are served at Bura Restaurant, which features both local and foreign food. From 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., Vuria Bar and Lounge, a covered terrace bar with a view of the main waterhole, is open for drinks and nibbles. Special events and dinners can be planned at Kudu Viewpoint or other locations inside the sanctuary, such as a bush breakfast, barbecue lunch, or Out of Africa dinner.

The lodge is located next to Tsavo West National Park in the privately owned Taita Hills Wildlife Sanctuary. During both day and night time wildlife drives, visitors can witness the 50 different species of mammals and more than 300 different kinds of birds within the sanctuary. On request, talks about wildlife are given. Zawadi is the name of Sarova Hotels’ loyalty scheme.

Hildana Lodge

Hildana Lodge was built in 2021 and is situated in a 5,000-acre refuge at the base of the Taita Hills. Situated at the centre of the elephant corridor, which links Tsavo East and West, sits the lodge. Located on the edge of a sizable sisal plantation maintained by a family, the lodge contributes significantly to the preservation of the surrounding animals and ecosystem. There are two family units, five doubles, and one honeymoon suite among the eight en suite cottages. The four-poster beds, cream couches, tapestry cushions, ochre tiles, basket ware, woven carpets, and sturdy lamps are some of the Mediterranean-inspired features that give the cottages a hint of Swahili design. The swimming pool faces the elephants’ route and is shaded by a massive baobab tree. Elephants and other animals congregate at a nearby waterhole to drink.

Accommodations in Tsavo West National Park
Hildana Lodge

Fresh locally grown vegetables is supplied to the kitchen by the sustainable farm, and Mediterranean-style meals are served in the central restaurant or outside. Walks and birdwatching in the forests of Taita Hills are among the activities. Farm visits showcase the growth of sisal, the operation of a fish farm, and the management of a hydroponic project using effluent from the factory. In the sanctuaries, Tsavo East and Tsavo West, game drives are conducted. Shetani Lava Flow, Mzima Springs, and the Galana River are some of the interesting nearby locations.

Ol Donyo Lodge

Situated on the slopes of the Chyulu Hills National Park, Ol Donyo Lodge offers breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro and is part of the 275,000-acre Mbirikani Maasai Group Ranch. The resort is at a prime location to observe the plethora of animals because it is directly in the path of regular migration routes. The lodge was constructed in the 1980s and had a tasteful refurbishment in 2008. Six villas contain ten large guest suites. With lavish furnishings, tall thatched roofs, walls made of natural stone, and private swimming pools, every villa is different. Every suite features a sitting area, an outdoor and indoor shower, a rooftop star bed, and a veranda. Families or groups of friends can enjoy the four-bed villas, which include a private vehicle, a cook, and a tour. Old Donyo Lodge provides an amazing array of activities in addition to day and night game drives and game walks.

There are horse safaris available for both experienced and inexperienced mountain biking, tracking with riders, and using bloodhounds. Visitors get a close-up look at elephants in an open-air log-jam. In addition, the lodge hosts fly-camping and sleep-outs on the Kopjes at Seduction Rock. The Maasai land Preservation Trust, which oversees the lodge’s community outreach programme, launches conservation initiatives including as the Predator Compensation Fund, Environmental Scouts, Lion Guardians, water management, and reforestation. The silver prize for Ecotourism Kenya is held by Ol Donyo Lodge.

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