Activities in Hell’s Gate National Park 2022


Activities in Hell’s Gate National Park 2022 : Hell’s gate national park is in North West of Nairobi. Hell’s gate national park was established in 1984, Hell’s gate Gate national park covers an area of 68.25 square kilometers (26 sq mi), relatively small by African Standards. The Park is 1,900 meters (6,200 ft.) Above the sea level. Hell’s Gate national park is within Nakuru County, near Lake Naivasha and approximately 90 kilometers (56 mi) from Nairobi. The park is located 14 kilometers (9 mi) after the turnoff from the old Nairobi-Naivasha highway. Hell’s gate national park has a warm and dry climate. Hell’s gate national park is also known as a home for five geothermal power stations at Olkaria, Olkaria and Hobley’s; two extinct volcanoes located in the park, can be seen as well as obsidian forms from the cool molten lava. Within Hell’s gate is the Hell’s Gorge, lined with red cliffs which contain two volcanic plugs; Fischer’s Tower and Central Tower, central tower is a smaller gorge which extends to the south, with apathy that descends into hot springs that have rocks hot enough to cause burns and sulfuric water.

Hell’s gate national park had a variety of wildlife, though few in number, examples of the animals includes African buffalo, Zebra, Eland, Hartebeest,Thomson’s gazelle and baboons are commom.The park is also home to Klipspringer antelope and Chandler’s mountain reedbuck. Hell’s gate national park also has over 100 species of birds in the park including vultures, Verreaux’s Eagles, augur buzzard and swifts.

Various activities done in Hell’s gate national park 2022.

Activities are things that are done by the guests or visitors who have visited the Hell’s gate national park and they include as follows;

  1. Game viewing. Game viewing is an entertaining Kenya safari activity where you get to explore the savannah section of the park in a 4 times 4 wheel vehicle with a pop up roof, Hell’s gate national park is a habitat for various species of animals which are spotted while in game viewing safari. Hell’s gate national park boasts with animals like lions, cheetahs, leopards, eland, gazelle, zebras, giraffes, rock hyraxes, buffalos and many other more, these game drivers are conducted any time but the best time is in the morning and late noon.
Activities in Hell's Gate National Park 2022
Game viewing
  1. Walking safaris.

Walking safaris engage tourists in trek the wild and different wild species are viewed such as zebras, eland, giraffes, and walks can be done alongside the wildlife species while enjoying the sounds of nature and the dramatic scenery. Walking safaris have travelers going through routes like the Ol Njorwa route which has attractions like hot and cold waterfalls, hot springs and coloured rocks.

  1. Rock climbing.

Hell’s gate national park, has a rock climbing activity it looks small when you see from the ground however once you climb, it is quite a challenge. Rock climbing can be done on among other spots Fetchers tower and there is climbing gear that travelers can hire if they do not come with their own. Rock climbing should be done in the company of the park ranger guide. The climbing range is from 9m to 18m and suitable for a single and multi-pitch for the first-timers and experienced climbers as well. If you have never engaged in this, you don’t know what you are missing out in the purpose of this great experience.

  1. Bird watching.

Hell’s gate national park is one of the best destination to visit on Kenya safaris, the park boosts over 100 species of birds. The park is renowned breeding place for lammergeyers, while bon a birding experience in the park you will enjoy watching many colourful bird species such as African kestrel, Arrow-marked babbler, Chinspot batis, Egyptian vulture, Golden –winged sunbird, Eastern imperial eagle, Jackson’s widowbird, Yellow bishop, White-rumped swift and many more.

  1. Biking/Cycling.

A cycling safari is a highlight of most visits to Hell’s gate national park. There is nothing like pedaling past zebras, buffalo, or gazelle to make you feel you are immersed in a wild place. Don’t expect to see (or worry about encountering) big cats like lions and leopards. There are a few in the park but they are rarely spotted, which is why Hell’s gate offers the rare opportunity to view wildlife on foot and bicycle.

Bicycle riding is a very adventurous activity done on trails passing through the rugged terrain of the park again you get to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park and spot a number of animals living in the park such as Thomson’s gazelles, olive baboons, hartebeests, elands and among others.

Activities in Hell's Gate National Park 2022
  1. Hiking.

Hiking in Hell’s national park is an amazing activity for tourists who want to interact more with nature and enjoy beautiful scenery of the park, hiking in the park takes you on a walk through deep gorges, red coloured cliffs, rock towers, hot springs, geysers and others. Hiking and scenery Kenya wildlife safaris in Hell’s gate also takes you on a walk in the obsidian caves on a cave walk, obsidian cave is visited on during your walk on the buffalo circuit, the cave was formed as a result of rapid cooling of molten volcano lava coming into contacy with water while being poured into a lake or ocean thus resulting into glassy texture of the rock. During hiking your can enjoy watching small air bubbles producing interesting effects such as golden sheen commonly known as Sheen Obsidian or Rainbow Obsidian.

  1. Camping.

Hell’s gate national park is usually visited as a day trip from Nairobi, it would also be a lovely place to spend a night and enjoy the quieter hours with fewer visitors.

There are three campsites in Hell’s gate national park; Ol Dubai, Naiburta, and Endachata.Each supposedly has toilets, picnic shelters and showers.

  1. Cultural interactions.

Hell’s gate national parks has some Maasai communities that live in the neighboring area of the  park in their typical homesteads(Bomas).They offer entertainment to tourists such as cultural dances, and one can learn more about the Maasai culture and traditions at the traditional culture center where tourists can purchase souvenirs the visit to the Maasai cultural center.

  1. Hot water bath at Mvuke Spa (Ol-Karia Geothermal spa)

The geothermal spa has three cascade lagoons. The first being very hot a temperature of 90 degrees. The second having 50 degrees and the third is 35 degrees. Come and dip your body in heated pool that will make your body relax. If you have children do not worry the third lagoon is friendly for children and is has a guide to watch over them.

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