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Best conservation safari accommodations in Samburu Reserve

Best conservation safari accommodations in Samburu Reserve : Over time, Samburu National Reserve has transformed from one of Kenya’s newest parks to one of Africa’s best areas for observing wildlife. On the banks of the Ewaso Nyiro River, the reserve is a sizable expanse of uninhabited, secluded nature. The Samburu Reserve’s pristine wilderness, dense wildlife, and remote location make it one of the greatest locations for a true safari experience.

Conservancies in Samburu Reserve.

A range of conservancies are part of the Samburu National Reserve as a wildlife habitat. The West Gate Community Conservancy, Kamunyak Wildlife Conservancy, and Kalama Conservancy are the three conservancies which offer you wonderful safari views on a Kenya safari.

Conservancies are areas reserved for the preservation of wildlife and its natural surroundings. Together with other private landowners, the Samburu people have launched several joint initiatives to increase the amount of area accessible for wildlife while protecting it from poaching and human-animal conflicts.

Do you want to preserve the opportunity to observe animals in beautiful natural environments for future generations and are interested in doing so? Think about going on a Conservation Safari.

On a conservation safari, you can support and promote local people and conservation initiatives while firsthand witnessing wildlife in its most natural and unique settings.

Enjoy the grandeur of the Samburu reserve on your conservation safari while lodging in luxurious, opulent lodgings that feel like a home away from home.

Saruni lodge.

Nestled within the privately held Kalama wildlife refuge, Saruni Lodge stands as one of Samburu’s most exquisite options for accommodation. Situated onĀ atop the Kalama Mountains, this distinctively constructed lodge offers an expansive vista of Northern Kenya, including the snow-capped Mount Kenya. In the Kalama Conservation Area, there is only one lodge.

Saruni Samburu offers six expansive and airy luxury villas that provide comfort along with breathtaking views of the northern boundary. Saruni is the ideal accommodation for you and your family since it provides a kid-friendly atmosphere with engaging experiences and activities.

At Saruni Lodge, Samburu warriors also serve as guides. You will discover their habits and long-forgotten, local knowledge about the land and animals during an interaction like a walking safari.

Sarara camp.

At the Kamunyak Wildlife Conservancy is Sarara Camp. Sarara Camp offers a private, intimate Kenyan experience in a remote, pristine setting with breathtaking views of the Mathews Range and the Samburu bush.

Best conservation safari accommodations in Samburu Reserve
Sarara Tented Camp

Sarara Foundation provides a conservation model that aids in the preservation of biological diversity and animals. The greatest herds of the critically endangered reticulated giraffe may be found in Kamunyak Conservancy thanks to the Samburu and Sarara conservation programmes. There are also plenty of other creatures, such Gravy’s zebras and elephants.

When on safari or at the hotels, Sarara offers the ideal setting for close-up wildlife experiences.

Sasaab lodge.

Situated just above the Ewaso Nyiro River, Sasaab is a wonderful luxury tented camp that provides some of the best wildlife safari activities and sightings. This luxurious safari resort, located within the Westgate Conservancy, provides stunning views of the Laikipia plateau.

When on safari or in the resorts, Sarara provides the perfect environment for up-close interactions with the local wildlife. Sasaab has made financial contributions to local projects such as clinics, roads, and security using the money it receives from the resort lodge.

Sasaab offers the best accommodation in Kenya, featuring attractively constructed, roomy tents that are perfect for your comfort during a conservation safari.

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