Best Time for a Kenya Safari

Best Time for a Kenya Safari : Kenya safari needs when the travelers are fully prepared about the Kenya safari that they are going for. Before even thinking about your journey, packaging your bags and arranging your selves for the Kenya trip. Do a little planning ahead of time that will make your safari the most magical and colorful one that will give you the safari memories.

Best time for a Kenya safari.

Tough every time is someone’s time to go for the Kenya safari throughout the year. But the best time to go on a Kenya is mostly the period known as the dry season or the peak season and mostly takes place during the period between June to October. As this is the best time of the year when you are likely to see the large number of animals, that tend to accumulate the water bodies of the various national parks and national reserves to drink the water. And again during that period of time that’s when the tourists can as well get ready and be able to catch the iconic annual great migration that takes place in Maasai Mara National reserve. This is the best period when most of the tourists do come from all over the world to Kenya on a Kenya safari. And most of the tourists during this period of time is when they get to have the perfect trip ever in their life.

During the dry season on a Kenya safari that’s when the road trails in the park are easily passable, not muddy or slippery. The season can be much effective for the game drive safaris. Kenya offers the excellent game drives in the parks like Amboseli national park, Maasai Mara National reserve, Tsavo national park, Lake Nakuru National park, Samburu national reserve and among many others. That’s when the tourists sit in the 4WD with the presence of well experienced safari guide and explores the beautiful plains and savannahs in the parks. Tourists can be able to watch and spot the big five mammals in the above mentioned destinations including lions, elephnats, rhinos, buffalos and leopards while encountering the animal species while watching them from the open roof. Not only the big five mammals the tourists can have the opportunity to spot other animal species in the park and the beautiful and attractive bird species.

Best Time for a Kenya Safari
Kenyan Safari

It’s the same season when the tourists can do participate in other interesting safari activities in the various national parks to clearly and encounter the animal species like the horseback riding, guided nature walks and hiking safaris and among others that makes your Kenya safari the most excellent one on a safari.

However on the other side, Kenya safari can as well happen and takes place during the rainy season or the low season. During the low season is the period when the rainy season is divided into two that is from March to May they are the ‘’long rains’’ and October to December are known as the ‘’short rains’’. During the rainy season it’s the best time for the tourists who do not like the overcrowdings of the tourists in the parks. Again during the rainy season that’s when the travelers feel independent in the parks and can always get most attention from the park guides and rangers. Most of the travelers who decides to go for Kenya safari during the rainy season are always given the offers like for the accommodation and among others.

Tourists who are bird lovers, going on a Kenya safari is the perfect time because they enjoy the most rewarding safari because that’s the period when the bird species do breed and again that’s when the migratory species from Europe and other countries do inhabit the destination hence the best bird watching safari especially this becomes charming in Lake Nakuru National Park and among other Great Rift Valley Lakes like Lake Elementeita, Lake Naivasha and among others that can give you super bird watching safaris with the unforgettable safari moments in your entire life.

The best time to on a Kenya safari gives you the best ever safari moments in your life. For more information about the best time and other fascinating safari activities done on a Kenya safari you can reach us and contact us at for the smooth running of your Kenya safari and not to get disappointments.

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