Big Cat Safaris in Kenya

Big Cat Safaris in Kenya  : Big cats are incredible predators that includes the cheetah, leopard and the lion these are predators and every big cat has got the unique characteristics and behaviors worth witnessing first-hand, the sighting of the big cats are common and rewarding on a Kenya safari. On a safari to spot the big cats the tourists can have the chance to appreciate the amazing power of these predators as they watch them stalk and chasing their prey.

Tourists on a Kenya safari are always impressed with the seeing of the big cats especially the king of the jungle which is known as the Africa’s most iconic big cat. A Kenya safari provides you with the most awesome animal action, if you have never sighted the big cats, then Kenya safari is the right decision that you can ever do because the country has got big cat attraction all the year around. In Kenya Maasai Mara National reserve is the most popular safari destination where tourists can spot these unique creatures.

Maasai Mara National reserve is the most amazing reserve where the tourists can have a chance of the wildlife viewing and the top most wildlife destination in Kenya, with the presence of the much expanse of the gently and suitable African savannah plains that inhabits the large number of the big cats that do survive from the reserve.

Big cat species.


Lions are the strongest and known big cat in the entire Africa, known as the king of the jungle. Lions are such popular in the most of the national parks and national reserves in Kenya hence the highest chances of the tourists to spot these species, Big Cat Safaris in Kenya .

Lions are the majorly found in Maasai Mara National reserve, Amboseli National Park, Tsavo national parks, Nairobi national park and among many others, the lions are spotted during the game drives that is morning, afternoon and night game drives, and at a higher extent the male lions are usually sighted during the night game drives, nature walks, hot air balloon safari and among others.

Big Cat Safaris in Kenya

Lions are such incredible big cats, the lions are known as the inveterate scavenger that is always looking for the prey to consume though the female lions are the ones that always hunt during every time of the day, then during hunting the lions stalk the prey within few paces and kill the prey by biting and tiring the neck until it suffocates and kills it. Lions prey on the antelopes, zebras, wildebeest, and buffalos and among others.


Leopards are known as the calmest species in all the big cats, these are known as the shy, and nocturnal animal species in all the big cat animals. Leopards are gifted and they are skilled climbers and most of these animal species like resting in a tree mostly in the wooded savannah, rocky outcrops where the tourists easily sight these big cats.

Leopards usually wait for its prey from above the tree and after spotting it drops immediately from above and catching it with the claws and they bite to the back and kills it, the leopards are such strong though they seem to be small, but they carry the killed prey to the tree in order to hide it from other present predators. Leopards prey on the gazelles, impalas, rodents, porcupines, warthogs and among others, Big Cat Safaris in Kenya

Leopards live in a different way of life that is the leopards do become social when they are going to mate, on  a Kenya safari the leopards are sighted in Maasai Mara National Reserve, Lake Nakuru National park, Tsavo national parks,


Cheetahs are known as the fastest world’s land mammals in that the cheetah has a capacity to run over 110 kilometers within one hour, on a Kenya safari Maasai Mara National Reserve is the leading Kenya safari destination where the tourists can spot the cheetah.

Big Cat Safaris in Kenya

Cheetah has a unique way of how it grabs its prey in that it runs after the prey and gets close to it, this brings the prey down before seizing it by the throat and suffocating it, the cheetahs are sprinters and because of this reason they cannot proceed if it has failed getting its prey within 100 meters, instead it gives up. From there the cheetah can lie with heavy flanks for up to almost 30 minutes before recovering to feed, Big Cat Safaris in Kenya

Cheetahs are primarily diurnal they hunt in the early morning and late afternoon and they usually prey on the small antelopes like the impalas, thomson’s gazelles, kudu, hartebeest, roan and sable antelope, oryx and other birds and among others. And mostly the tourists can sight the cheetahs from Maasai Mara National Reserve.

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