Encountering a Kenya Safari than The Wildebeest Migration

Encountering a Kenya Safari than The Wildebeest Migration : The opportunity to see wildebeest migrations as they begin this incredible trek across the Masai lands in both Kenya and Tanzania will be the main driving force behind your decision to go on an African wildlife safari, specifically to Kenya’s Masai Mara National Reserve. What if I told you that there is much more you can do on this breathtaking safari journey in Africa than just witness the largest yearly natural migration of these somewhat bizarre animals?

I’ve chosen to dedicate this article to anyone looking for more things to do on their Kenya safari tour to the Masai, so allow me to share with you some of the other activities you should seriously consider doing while on this magnificent African tour of the Masai plains.

Game drives

A traditional game drive over these endless plains of Masai mara in an old school study 4×4 safari van /4×4 safari jeep or on a self-drive is still by far one of the best ways of exploring this enchanted tropical dry savanna paradise while looking for its inhabitants which include 4 out of 5 of the Africa big five game which includes the majestic kings of the savanna lands the lions, leopards, the African bush elephants and the stubborn cape buffaloes. Among the other wild creatures you won’t miss on your drive are the wildebeests, which have elevated this national park to the top of the list of Africa safari places that travelers should see on their African adventure.

Nature hikes

If you want to get up close and personal with nature, I advise you to forgo the typical 4×4 safari land cruiser in favor of walking through the Masai Mara. You can appreciate the vast biodiversity that exists in the Masai Mara National Park by taking a nature walk since you can easily notice the little creatures that call this region home, like the small reptiles and insects, which might not be readily visible if you choose to take a 4×4 safari vehicle. For birders, a nature trail across the Masai Mara’s savanna plains is the surefire way to see some of the 500 bird species that soar above these lands, including the secretary bird, lilac-billed roller, Southern ground hornbill, and ostriches, among others.

Encountering a Kenya Safari than The Wildebeest Migration  : Hot air balloons

Encountering a Kenya Safari than The Wildebeest Migration
Hot Air Balloon Tour

This is yet another original option to discover these uncharted territories, particularly for those who lack the time for lengthy game drives but yet want to cover a sizable portion of the reserve. You can clearly observe the Masai Mara residents roaming the savanna plains below you thanks to the hot air balloon rides, which lift you into the air. You can also take pleasure in viewing the sunrise from the eastern horizon of this game reserve, and I can assure you that it will be an absolutely wonderful experience.

Encountering a Kenya Safari than The Wildebeest Migration  : Cultural encounters

cultural interactions. Just like its name suggests, the Masai mara is the land of the Maasai people and this will amuse you with their dress code which consists of usually red “sukas” that are wrapped around their bodies, if you thought, its only people in the big cities in Europe or America who do body art, well you will be bewildered by the Masai’s form of body art which ranges from crazy Mohawk air cuts to long dreads and large ear piercings all in the name of beautification. Do you enjoy dancing? If you like to dance, prepare to be wooed by the Masai dance strokes, which may not resemble anything you are used to seeing elsewhere. These dance strokes may include long jumps and foot stumps, which may not suit you and that can only be executed by people with a lot of energy.

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