Lemek conservancy


Lemek conservancy is the best game viewing areas in Maasai Mara, located on the Northern sector of the game reserve with an area of approximately 19000 acres of land with the aim of maximizing sustainable Mara ecosystem.

Lemek conservancy is another of Kenya’s wildlife management success stories though with a twist. Most part of Lemek-Koiyaki has now merged with the adjoining Mara North thus reducing Lemek’s size to around 19000 acres though no official information of its size has been released since it downsizes. The current wildlife management strategy of the conservancy results from only two budget accommodations. The land was once privately owned by the Maasai communities before being transitioned to the Koyaiki Group Ranch and the Lemek Group Ranch .The group ranches became key partners in the introduction of the conservancy, the downsized Lemek conservancy in the northern Maasai Mara faces the challenge on how to effectively balance the needs of its local communities with the protection and preservation of critical habitats.

Measures are being taken to set aside areas of the conservancy that served as valuable habitats for flora and fauna. Guest accommodations and activity services are provided to generate revenue to operate the conservancy, as well as benefit local communities. This result is a relatively small conservancy with few visitors, good wildlife viewing and pleasant scenery, Although Lemek offers more budget accommodations than luxury camps, African Mecca guests who choose to stay in the conservation enjoy the many benefits of off-reserve safari experiences, such as night game drives, nature walks and off-road wildlife viewing, in following best practices of low density experiences at Lemek, Saruni Wild for luxury safari experience.

Lemek conservancy in Maasai Mara National Reserve has a big advantage in the activity of game viewing which can be done throughout the year in open grassland savannahs with few dotted trees that line along the Mara River hence attracting big cats like leopards which likes to be trees. The wildlife is mostly much during the annual wildebeest great migration. It offers best night game drives, off-road game viewing, nature walks and cultural or community tours.

Lemek conservancy offers mostly budget accommodation with over 80 rooms which are constructed by the two-member accommodation those are Mara River Lodge and Enkerende Tented Camp. The conservancy is characterized by the open savannah where the wildlife species can be seen and they include the big cats as lions, leopards, cheetahs, other wildlife species that can be seen in the Lemek conservancy include the large herds of elephants, wildebeest, zebras and gazelles.

Koyaiki ranch Lemek ranch also play role in conserving the nature around the conservancy aimed at sustaining the Mara ecosystem through conservation of wildlife, flora and among other features.

The following is the detailed information about the activities done in Lemek conservancy.

1.Cultural visits.

This activity involves interaction with the local community which consists of the Maasai people, during this activity the cultural visits, tourists experience the nomadic way of life of the Maasai, listen to folks stories, watch traditional dance performances and learning about the local arts and crafts for example the traditional beads and other jewellery worn by the Maasai people among other cultural aspects.

2.Game Drives.

Game driving is the among the best activity the tourists enjoy during the visit in the Lemek conservancy. These game drive takes place at different times of the day and the chances of viewing the wildlife species also varies depending on the time of the game drive. That is game driving takes place the morning hours, in the evening and at night.

Lemek conservancy
Wildlife in Lemek conservancy

In the conservancy, night game drives are commonly done and the nocturnal wildlife species are usually seen during the wildlife viewing at night, the night game drives are unique wildlife activities sine they are permitted I some destinations only and as well as the morning game drives provide the opportunity to watch many wildlife species time of the days since they are very active during day time. In Lemek conservancy also the off-road game drives are done and thus making the visitors to enjoy fully and gives them the good memories.

3.Nature walks.

Nature walks in the Lemek conservancy are organized for those who wish to experience the wildness of the Mara savannah and open plains closely within them, these nature walks, lunches, picnics are organized for tourists to enjoy the beautiful scenery while dining in the wild. This activity is done with the help of rangers and guides who are the Maasai people as tourists explore the wilderness and the different habitats of the wildlife and bird species.

Lemek conservancy
Lemek conservancy

How to get to Lemek conservancy in Maasai Mara National Reserve.

Lemek conservancy can be accessed by both road and air or flight transport.

By Road transport.

It can be easily reached from Nairobi, it takes just 4-hour drive from Nairobi with 75% of the road being smooth and well tarmacked with good scenic views while driving.

By flight or air transport.

Lemek conservancy can also be accessed by the flights with the nearest airstrip found in Mara North or Ngerende airstrip which has daily scheduled flight from Wilson airport in Nairobi city.

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