Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary

Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary : Tsavo National Park is the top safari destination on a Kenya safari, the park is the oldest and the largest national park in Kenya. Tsavo national park was sliced into two national parks that is Tsavo West and Tsavo East National Parks. The two national parks offers tourists with the endless watching of the parks attractions and engaging in the different safari activities. On a Kenya safari it’s Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary in Tsavo West National Park that offers the tourists with the magical viewing of the unique black rhinos that makes your safari the most complete one.

Ngulia rhino sanctuary is a stronghold and bleeding place for the diverse numbers of the black rhinos in Tsavo national park in Kenya. Kenya is the perfect safari destination that holds every kind of the wildlife from the reptiles up to the largest mammals including the Big five mammals where the rhinos are among them. Ngulia rhino sanctuary destination is the right place where the tourists on a Kenya safari come to explore and witness the largest numbers of the rhinos from that destination.

Ngulia Rhino sanctuary is supported by Kenya Wildlife Service and this helped the destination to have and maintain the large numbers of the rhinos, through helping to drive out the poachers and together with the elephants that compete with the rhinos for food. During the period of 1970’s Kenya was a home of over 8000 black rhinos but due to the human practices like poaching, then encroachment of the rhinos habitants led to the extinction of the rhinos and where few were left. That’s why there was establishment of Ngulia rhino sanctuary to protect the remaining black rhinos that were less than 20 individuals.

Ngulia rhino sanctuary when it was established during 1986 it conserved and protected the endangered black rhinos. The sanctuary is located on the foothills of the Ngulia hills and its well fenced with a 1 meter high electric fence and there can be presence of the rangers and other members of the staff that takes you over the Ngulia rhino sanctuary where they keep allocating you in different corners where you have a gorgeous views that gives you the perfect safari moments. Not only spotting the black rhinos in Ngulia rhino sanctuary the tourists on a Kenya safari can get to spot other animal species across like the leopards, elephants and among others without forgetting bird species. This makes Ngulio Rhino sanctuary to be an incredible wildlife experience in every way.

Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary
Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary

Ngulia rhino sanctuary is the incredible place where the Kenya’s black rhinos can be fully displaced without wasting time in the destinations that have got the less numbers of the rhinos. Ngulio rhino sanctuary consists of various number of waterholes that are almost 5 in number. The waterholes supports the presence of over 70 black rhinos, hence making the sanctuary to offer you good chances of spotting the elusive black rhinos.

Best to time to visit Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary.

The best time to visit Ngulia rhino sanctuary is mostly likely to be the optimum times of the year during the dry season in the months of February to March and June to early October during the period in the sanctuary that’s when the trails can be easily passable that takes you to the various numbers of the rhinos compared to rainy season when the trails to take while going to see the rhinos can be slippery and muddy hence bringing you difficulties in viewing the rhinos.

Where to stay in Ngulia Rhino Sanctuary in Tsavo national park.s

Tourists who come to see or carry out black rhino trekking in Tsavo national park are provided with the comfortable accommodation facilities that are in different categories that is Budget, mid-range and luxury accommodations like Severin safari camp, Salt Lick safari lodge, Kilaguni Serena safari lodge, Lake Jipe safari camp, Rhino Valley Lodge, Voyager Ziwani camp, Sarova Taita Game Lodge, Lions Bluff Lodge, Man-eaters camp and among many others.

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