Rapids Camp Sagana

Rapids Camp Sagana :  is the most extra ordinary and the best camp that should be every traveler’s first bucket list. Besides being the camp, Rapids is the greatest attraction for both the tourists who come to the country for the safari and again the camp is the super natural attraction for the residents. Rapids camp Sagana has go the major attraction inside the camp which is the magical irresistible waterfall, rocks within the camp and then the amazing rapids that makes the camp to look colorful and most attractive.

Rapids Camp Sagana known as the best camp in Kenya and also being popularly known as the Adrenaline camp that is the white water rafting center it has attracted various age groups of people to explore the camp on a Kenya safari. Rapids Camp Sagana is located in Muraga that is about 106 km from Nairobi Kenya. Sagana River is located next to the camp that means that the guests enjoy the coolest ever environment that is super clean the reason being that the river keeps on blowing in freshness inside the camp. The river is located about 450 meters and the presence of the largest waterfall which makes the camp to be known as the adrenaline camp in Kenya.

Accommodation at Rapids Camp Sagana.

Guests who come at the Rapids Camp Sagana enjoy the most comfortable accommodation facilities that is the camp has got 16 tented Bazuka tents that have got the double beds accompanied by the manicured lawn can house up to 300 dome tents. At the camp the tents can be hired where they come with the sleeping bag and they can be pitched in the ground next to the Sagana River, here the guests can experience the ever best camping safaris in Kenya.

At Rapids camp Sagana there is no anything called like the cottages or the rooms, though the sanitary facilities are present their and in the modern way and they can be clean ever. There is presence of electricity around the camp area, running water that can be collected from the Tana and treated, so the guest’s health at the camp is the first one to be catered for and the first priority.

Restaurant at Rapids Camp Sagana.

At Rapids camps Sagana there is also presence of the onsite restaurant where our beloved guests can be served with their best choices of meals including the continental and English breakfast in the bush, together with the African delicious can be highly available on a pre-arranged basis. At the camp there is another option where the travelers can as well carry their own food to do self-catering while admiring the taste of the beautiful Kenya, as there is kitchen stuff for hiring.

As due to the fact that the camp does not sell any of the alcohol beverages but the guests are allowed to bring their own drinks while coming at the camp that makes their stay at the camp the most charming one that is sipping their drinks while sited next to the river makes their safari the most remembered one.

Rapids Camp Sagana
Rapids Camp Sagana

Guests do enjoy taking their meals in the camp while watching and listening to the waterfall of the Sagana River as this makes their safari the most gorgeous one ever in Kenya. While using the different over 8 outdoor eating areas that are covered with only environmental friendly materials where the large numbers of guests can be accommodated from 15 to 120.

Activities at Rapids camp Sagana.

Guests who come to visit Rapids Camp Sagana can be provided with different Kenya safari activities that includes white water rafting, kayaking, bird watching, sport fishing, rock climbing, star gazing, boating, river trekking, bungee jumping, waterfall challenge and others. Also the camp provides other activities to the guests like holiday team building, corporate functions, family team building, corporate team building and among others.

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