Safari in the City

Safari in the city that is Nairobi, this a city that lives and breathes the wildlife, from the rhinos, elephants, leopards and lions for sale in every tourist handcraft shop to the real-life versions haunting the wildlife reserves near Nairobi City, thus making Kenya a super one for a day or overnight excursions to a diverse array safari to Nairobi National Park. During the safari in the city it is green where the big five like the rhinos, buffalos, leopards, and lions are always found only missing out the elephants because of the small size of the park. Nairobi is the most great and amazing city famous for safari in the entire East Africa. Nairobi National Park is as unique as the only protected area in the world with such amazing variety of wildlife close to a capital city.

Nairobi is the only capital city on the planet next to the national park that the park harbors the lions, cheetahs, rhinos against a backdrop of the city centre tower blocks, the Nairobi national park is a kind gorgeous 117km2/45mi2 stretch of hilly grasslands and patches of the mixed woodland that surprises everyone with abundant of its wildlife. It is known that Nairobi National Park is famous for its great number of rhinos,  it is actually one of the best safari parks in East Africa, without forgetting viewing  along the awesome lions, leopards, hyenas, buffalos during a safari in Nairobi National Park you can be having more chances of spotting more of the predators, also the impalas and the wildebeest can be spotted, despite its proximity to civilization and its relatively small size Nairobi National Park is also known for its numerous reptiles and hundreds of bird species which are contributed by the dry transitional savanna, the park has got the Animal Orphanage founded in the 1963 with the purpose of saving the orphaned elephants. Nairobi National Park is the easiest and the obvious choice for a tourist with a little time to visit the nearer Nairobi safari, that is the Nairobi National Park does not disappoint it rewards you all your dreams in your city safari.

Safari in the City
Safari in the City

Nairobi National Park has the major attractions that makes the tourists to visit the park like the Nairobi Animal Orphanage, Impala Observation Point, the Ivory burning site and picnic area.

Activities done in Nairobi National Park.

Game Drive.

Nairobi National Park has got a variety of wildlife that provides allows the guests to get close with the nature during the game drive that gives the guests the most spectacular varied animal species like the buffaloes, lions, endangered black rhinos, leopards and many others.

Bird watching.

Bird watching is best done in Nairobi National Park this is where the bird lovers who visit the park can able to spot the migratory and the endemic bird species in the park that is the migratory bird species enter the park between the months of November and April, so the bird lovers this is the best time for bird viewing in the park, some of the bird species in the park includes the Somali bee-eater, Somali Ostriches, Blacksmith lapwing and many others.

Walking safari.

Walking safari is mostly done along a raised wooden walkway allowing visitors to have a great aerial view of the spectacular landscapes and wildlife in the Nairobi National Park, here the tourists observe well the variety of the animal species because during walking they get closer to them.

Where to stay in Nairobi National Park.

Nairobi National Park has a quite number of the most comfortable and suitable accommodation facilities for the tourists who come to visit the park these mostly are located near the park in the Nairobi city as they are categorized into the Budget, Mid-range and the Luxury accommodations such, Ololo Safari Lodge and Farm, The Emakoko, Emara Hotel Ole Sereni, The Last Village Lodge, Nyati Hill Cottages, Osoita Loge,  Maasai Lodge, The IslanDreaM and many others, there is another option if you want to experience the genuine bush experience then you can try out the Nairobi Tented Camp site found inside the Nairobi National Park and is a such a reminiscent of those used by the early explores in Kenya.

Safari in the City
Ololo Safari Lodge

Entrance fees for Nairobi National Park.

The charges into Nairobi National Park is USD 50 per person for the adults and 25 USD for children nonresidents and Ksh 500 for the citizens.

Best time to visit Nairobi National Park.

The best time to visit Nairobi National Park is during the dry months from July to October and also from January and February. July has the lowest rainfall among all the months of the year. Along with July, August is the driest month in Nairobi.

How to get to Nairobi National Park.

Nairobi National Park is only 9km south of the Nairobi city and either can be accessed by the public or private transport through the Langata road which takes you about 20 to 40 minutes.

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