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Samburu National Reserve Safari

Samburu National Reserve Safari  : Samburu National Reserve is a game reserve on the banks of the Ewaso Ng’iro River in Kenya. On the other side of the river is the Buffalo Springs National Reserve. The park is located in the Northern Kenya, and the park is 165 km2 in size and is situated 350 kilometers from Nairobi. Samburu ranges in altitude from 800 to 1230 meters above the sea level. Samburu National reserve is located in Samburu County. In the middle of the reserve, the Ewaso Ng’iro flows through doum palm groves and thick riverine forests. It provides water, without which the game in this arid region could not survive.

The Samburu National Reserve was one of the two areas in which conservationists George and Joy Adamson raised Elsa the Lioness, made famous in the best-selling book and award winning movie Born Free, The Samburu National Reserve is also the home of Kamunyak, a lioness famous for adopting Oryx calves.

Wildlife safari.

Samburu National Reserve offers wildlife safari in that the reserve has got the big four of big five that are present that includes the lion, buffalo, leopard, and elephant. But the rhinos are absent, but big herds of the elephant cross the reserve. Of the big cats, leopards are very rewarding with some habituated individuals giving high-quality sightings. Samburu national reserve has got the most northern Kenya special five that includes the Beisa Oryx, Reticulated giraffe, grevy’s zebras, generuk, Somali Ostrich these are only found in Samburu National Reserve not any park. Samburu National Reserve has got more animal species than those mentioned that includes the three big cats that includes lion, cheetah, and African leopard. The tourists can be able to spot the mammals that includes the olive baboon, warthogs, Grant’s gazelle, Kirk’s dik-dik, impala, waterbuck and many others. Wildlife safari gives you the most blissful moments during wildlife safari in Samburu National Reserve.

Samburu National Reserve Safari
The Special Five

Birding safari.

Samburu National Reserve is a birding destination, in that the reserve has got over 390 bird species recorded, the reserve protects a variety of habitats, the reserve is a home to different bird species including, arid acacia savannah, scrub and gallery forest alongside the Ewaso Nyiro River. The dry, open country offers very rewarding birding opportunities and boasts a number of northeast African dry-country species shared with Ethiopia and Somalia, such as vulturine guinea fowl, Somali bee-eater and golden-breasted starling. Other bird species that can be found in Samburu National reserve includes the Acacia tit, Bare-eyed thrush, Ashy cisticola, Black-bellied sunbird, Chestnut weaver, Fischer’s starling, Golden pipit, Golden-breasted starling, Greater kestrel, Lanner falcon, red-bellied parrot, Red-necked falcon, Secretary bird, Somali bee-eater, Vulturine Guinea fowl and many more. The tourists who visit the Samburu National reserve, especially the bird lovers do experience and cherish the amazing variety of bird species in the reserve during a birding safari.


Samburu National Reserve is a very special reserve in that it has the most aromatic spot of the full breathtaking sceneries from the savannah plains, rugged regions and many vegetation types including the acacia, thorn trees, riverine forests and the grass vegetation, and while you just entered the reserve you are presented to the magical view of the two mountains visible that is the Koitogor and Ololokwe.

Camelback safari.

Camelback safaris in Samburu National reserve are one of the amazing unique traditional way of touring the wilderness, camelback safari gives you the opportunity to enjoy the open environment in the reserve filled with the beautiful scenery and numerous animals. During the camel back riding safari the tourists are able to get up to the various animal species in the reserve.

Samburu National Reserve Safari
Camelback safari

Mount Biking safari.

Mountain biking is another thrilling activity in Samburu national reserve provided to the tourists which involves using the bikes to tour the wilderness, in this semi-arid plain in the reserve while enjoying the intoxicating views of the vegetation, animals, birds and the river streaming through the forest.

Cultural safari.

Cultural safari is such an exciting safari to visit the traditional homes of the Samburu people as they offer you an enormous experience of the traditional lifestyle of those desert pastoralists whose traditions have quite moved from that of their Maasai cousins. More captivating is an opportunity to see and enter the traditional Manyatta.

Samburu National Reserve Safari
samburu people

Hiking safari.

Samburu National reserve embrasses the tourirsts with the most grateful hiking safari this is where the tourists can hike up to the Koitogor  hill and have a thrilling experience with panoramic views of the reserve and be able to see lots of primates in the reserve during the hiking safari.

Samburu National reserve is the most popular reserve in Northern Kenya, even in the entire East Africa. Wildlife viewing is good, and most big safari animals are easily spotted. The arid environment is home to a variety of the north Kenya specials, both birds and mammals can be found in the reserve. With the most awesome village visit to a nearby Samburu homestead is a worthwhile activity.

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