Ewaso Nyiro River in Samburu National Reserve

What To Spot in Samburu National Reserve

What To Spot in Samburu National Reserve : Samburu National reserve is an attractive safari destination that is located in the Rift Valley Province, the reserve is situated on the borders of the Ewaso Ny’iro River in the southern part the river separates the reserve from Buffalo Springs National Reserve. Samburu National reserve is located in the northern part of the country Laikapia where its semi-desert, despite the reserve being in the dry place it does not stop it from being known as the wildlife haven with the unique animal species that’s why various tourists visit the reserve in the large numbers because of the unique wildlife safari experiences. Samburu National Reserve is almost 345 km from Nairobi that takes 5 hours drive on the road from the Nairobi city to the reserve.

Samburu National Reserve being in the northern part of the country has got the discouraging reserve features where the features are the top leading safaris in the reserve as in the rugged area like the desert-like climate. For the case of the animal species, they do survive depending on the presence of the water in the reserve that is the Ewaso Nyiro River that washes away the thirsty of the animals especially during the dry season together with the grassland in the reserve.

What to spot in Samburu National reserve.

Tourists who make Samburu National Reserve as their right safari destination on a Kenya safari they can be having the right spotting of the rich diverse wildlife in the reserve as well as regularly sustaining itself at the river. Samburu national reserve offers the tourists with the perfect views of the big cats that includes the cheetahs, lions and the leopards in the park are majorly seen during the game drives especially during the morning game drive when these animal species are active and much in the reserve. Alongside the game drive the tourists can spot other animal species like the buffalos, hippos, impalas and among others, without leaving the bird species.

Samburu National Park is known as the unique safari destination in the entire Kenya, during your Kenya safari the tourists can be able to spot the rare animal species or the northern animal species that cannot be seen elsewhere unless in Samburu that includes the reticulated giraffe, gerenuk, Grevy’s zebra, Beisa Oryx, Somalia Ostrich as these can be best spotted during the game drives, guided nature walks and among many others. These are such unique animal species that have got the unique physical appearance on your Kenya safari after spotting these animal species they give you the unforgettable safari moments.

What To Spot in Samburu National Reserve
What To Spot in Samburu National Reserve

Samburu national reserve has got the endless spotting of the wide numbers of the elephants where the reserve boasts over 900 elephant species, mostly especially during the night game drives, these species can be best spotted as they tend to gather at the life sustaining river that gives the tourists the perfect spotting, the crocodiles as well can be seen during that moment as they are waiting for their prey. Not forgetting the African wild dogs in Kenya it’s the only safari destination where there are various wild dogs that gives chances to tourists to spot them in the large numbers.

Again Samburu National Reserve gives the tourists the spotting of the Sepcial five mammals to tourists that includes the buffaloes, rhinos, elephants, leopards and the lions majorly these can be spotted during the game driving which gives the tourists the chances of seeing them as they are roaring themselves in the wide open grasslands of the reserve.

Samburu national reserve again is the bird lovers’ destination with over 450 beautiful and colorful bird species that can be found during the game drive, nature walks in the savannah, acacia forest, and riverine vegetation and among others. The bird lovers in the reserve can be able to sight the bird species including the vultures, guinea fowl, egret, falcon, kingfishers and among others.

Not only the wildlife, Samburu National Reserve is one of the attractions where Joy Adamson raised and natured Elsa the lioness, hence the story in the book and the movie were released ‘’Born Free’’ making the Samburu national reserve being known as a home to the lioness Kamunyak that was one in among the 6 lion calves. In that film she fought with the predators to save her young orphans as it’s seen in the film with her heart of lioness.

As well on your safari in Samburu National Reserve you carry out cultural experience to the indigenous Samburu people who stay near the reserve, during your visit to Samburu people that where you will enjoy their dances and songs, ways of living and among many others. As your completing your Kenya safari in Samburu National reserve.

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