Kisite Mpunguti marine National Park

Kisite Mpunguti marine National Park is situated on the southern coast of Kenya near Shimoni and south of Wasini Island in Kwale district near the Tanzanian border. Kisite covers 11 square kilometers (4.2 sq. mi) while Mpunguti reserve covers 28 square kilometers (11 sq. mi). The park is a protected sanctuary covers an area with four small islands surrounded by 45 types of coral reef. Marine life is in abundance, of 360 fish species such as including trigger fish, morayeels, anglefish, butterfly fish, groupers, parrotfish, wrassers, scorpionfish, pufferfish, damselfish, rays, snappers, green sea turtles, hawksbill turtles and dolphins. Humpback whales and whale sharks are seasonal and sea birds to thrill while on Kenya Safaris Tours .

Attractions in Kisite Marine National Park and Reserve.

Shimoni caves.

These are located in a small fishing village, these ancient coral caves were for centuries ‘Kayas’ or sacred sites of worship for the local communities. However, fate and history brought a darker aspect to this transquil spot. In the 18th and 19th century the caves became pens for captured slaves on their way to the slave markets in Zanzibar, here your entrance fee will help you to pay the salaries of local teachers and school fees for the children in need.

Kisite Mpunguti marine National Park
Shimoni caves


Here in the park, you are likely to spot plenty of these wonderful land and sea creatures playing through the clear waters. Look for green and hawksbill turtles gracefully swimming or sunning themselves on the rock. The park is famous for its population of turtles; green and Hawksbill turtles spotted in their hang out, Kijamba cha kasa.

Kisite Island, Ream of the Seabirds.

Kisite Island is an important Bird area, Kisite is a flat, treeless rocky outcrop with many patches of grass and surrounded by a magical sandy beach that’s exposed during low tide. This makes an ideal seabird habitat supporting the pelagic- feeders and breeding colonies of roseate and sooty terns commonly arriving to breed in July and leave with their fledging’s from September every year.

Dolphin and whale spotting.

The reef offers sanctuary to over 200 dolphins (spinner, humpback and bottle- nosed) which can be encountered as single individual or mostly in pods of 2- 25 individuals breaking above the waves, and if your fortunate enough to visit between July and December, you will have a chance to spot Humback whales, which raise their calves in our warm waters, and migratory whale sharks (the world’s largest fish).

Kisite Mpunguti marine National Park
Dolphin and whale spotting

The Kenyan Barrier Reef.

The most outstanding feature of the Kenyan coast, the pristine and well- developed coral barrier reef extends all the way from Shimoni in the south to Malindi in the North, without significant break, except at the mouths of the rivers. The coral reefs referred to as the rainforests of the sea, are one of the most fascinating ecosystems on earth, sheltering nearly one million types of marine fish.

Things or activities to do in Kisite Marine National Park and Reserve.

Snorkeling and Diving.

With its warm, clear waters and spectacular coral formation, the underwater experience here is one of the best in East Africa. And because of the variety in dive sites, seven in all there are opportunities for beginners as well as more proficient divers. Diving sites range from 2 meters (6 ft.) to 32 meters (100 ft.).

Kisite Island.                                 

Surrounded by a beautiful sandy beach, This Island is avital habitat for the various bird populations. In this vital seabird sanctuary, you will see copies of roseate and sooty terns breeding in July.


There are over 360 species of fish found in Kisite Mpunguti Island, deep sea fishing can be conducted and the fishing equipment’s can be hired.

Guided walks.

To complement your stay and tour in Kenya, tourists can beach walks at the shores and come across Marine life like turtles.

Sun bathing.

Tourists can do sun bathing at the sun worshipped beaches of the mag coastal area with the spectacular views of the ocean shores.

Boat Ride.

To have a more better experience of the ocean, tourists can go for boat riding with a packed lunch box to enjoy while watching Marines life.

Kisite Mpunguti marine National Park
Kisite Mpunguti marine National Park


Best time to visit Kisite Mpunguti national park is in the dry season when the waters are more clear for better views of marine life and snorkeling.

Viewing marine life.

There is a lot of marine life to be seen at the park some of which include; morays, angle fish, butterfly fish, snappers, hawksbill turtles, dolphins, humpback whales, whale snacks, damselfish, Ray’s, groupers, triggerfish and parrot fish and among others.

Bird watching.

Bird watching at Kisite Mpunguti national park is best done at the park during rainy seasons and migratory birds from North Africa and Europe are common while the residential birds are breeding there are so of aquatic birds to be seen.

Entrance park fees of Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park.

Category Citizen(KSH) Resident (KSH) Non Resident (USD)
Adult 215 215 17
Child 125 125 13

Best time to visit Kisite Mpunguti Marine National Park.

The best time to visit Kisite Mpunguti national park is in the dry season when the waters are more clear for better views of marine life and snorkeling.

Where to stay in Kisite Marine Mpunguti National Reserve.

There are various accommodations  which are  based on Budget, Mid –range and luxury accommodations; like the Mpunguti campsite, blue monkey beach cottages, wasini island guest house, Shimoni reef lodge, Betty’s, Shimoni cottages, Chlobus campsite among others

How to get to Kisite Mgunguti Marine National Park.

The park can be accessed by different ways from Nairobi to reach the park.

By Road Transport.

The park is located in Kwale district, coast province. The marine park lies 11 kms off the Kenyan coast (at shimoni) and 8kms north of the Tanzanian border.

Distance from Nairobi 574 kms. It takes approximately 2 hr. 36 minutes from Nairobi to Kisite- Mpunguti Marine National park

Distance from Mombasa 90kms.

By Air transport.

The quickest flight from Nairobi Airport to Ukunda Airport is the direct flight which takes 1 hr. and 15 minutes.

Also the park can be reached by boat. Contact the Kenya Wildlife Service warden (Kisite Marine National Park, KWS headquarter is 200 meters south of the main Shimoni Pier) or your hotel or local travel agent.

Kisite Mpunguti Marine National park has reserve is the most stunning and amazing protected area features 252 species of fish, about 56 genera of hard corals, 2 common species of sea grass and numerous sponges. The park is famous for its population of turtles; Green and Hawksbill turtles normally spotted in their hang out Kijamba cha Kasa.

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