Best Family Safari Lodges In Kenya

Best Family Safari Lodges In Kenya : Kenya is the astonishing safari destination that offers the best family safari lodges that gives you the inside scoop on the very best family and kid-friendly lodges for a Kenya safari. Kenya safari destination has got the spectacular safari lodges and camps that tend to tick the ‘’family friendly’’ box where one can enjoy nature’s finest alongside with the little stars as in the moment that’s when they will put the iPad down to experience Kenya’s wilderness. This article brings you the basic family lodges that offers you the best and your children especially the ones above 6 years old the first time safari goers.

Lewa house.

Lewa house is the beautiful lodge set in the stunning Lewa conservancy. The lodge is such magical set in the beautiful open with the endless views. Lewa house has got the cottages that feel like they are only set up for the families that is the house 4 people in 2 en-suite rooms, and the new Earth pods that can be easily mistaken for Hobbit Homes. The lodge is well protected with a fence off electricity to protect the guests from every intruder, Lewa is the perfect safari destination where the guests can watch the Big five mammals on a Kenya safari.

At the lodge that’s where you get the unique sighting of animal species in their large numbers especially the rhinos, big five. More so engaging in different safari activities like exploring the forest from the canopy walk, bush picnics galore, walking or horse riding and if you feel like further more adventurous you can get into the helicopter to have the excellent exploring and sighting that offers you a lifetime experience. They offer babysitting, and this is where you get the fantastic safari moments in Kenya together with your children.

Saruni Samburu.

Saruni Samburu is located in the northern part of Kenya, this area in Kenya is much hotter and more arid area of Samburu. Saruni Samburu is located in the private concession known as Kalama overlooking the Samburu National Reserve. Where it’s the Kenya’s destination hosting the country’s rare species including the Grevy’s zebra, Somali ostrich, Gerenuk, reticulated giraffe, Beisa Oryx. Guests on their stay at Saruni Samburu participate in the game drives that take place both in the reserve in the Kalama concession.

Best Family Safari Lodges In Kenya
Saruni Samburu

Saruni guests are well facilitated the lodge has 6 rooms described as villas. The villas are deliberately open to the elements where they allow the cool breeze to circulate during the day, 2 rooms at the lodge has swimming pools and when served dinner from their it offers you the best stunning view. Saruni Samburu is wonderful for kids it’s because it offers activities for kids and they are super guided, with the staff of the local Samburu well dressed in their traditional khaki that offers a great start game drive for a youngster. After the game drive you can be punctuated with a breakfast or snack stops that is a full-on meal in the bush so your children can be affected with any hunger.

Saruni Samburu is the perfect lodge that hosts both the safari honeymooners and Kenya family holiday and offers them the best safari activities making the safari shinning.

El Karama.

El Karama lodge is another haven for the youngsters to get to experience the great outdoors. The lodge has got the private wildlife conservancy alongside working dairy farm that adds dimension and also becomes part of it. The lodge has rooms, with the options for spare beds with one called the Hobbit House offering activities (Bush school ad fly camping to the enormous walk-in rabbit run) to the amazing fun and games around the pool that is a bigger part of El Karama. The guides are superb with kids that are friendly with the children, where children experience the happy moments to make plaster of Paris prints of a lion’s footprints and many others, including the night game drives while children get to experience and sighting the animal species like lions, sundowners and among others.

Heading to Kenya’s northern part into Laikipia and Samburu offers more than a family safari focused safari experience where the animals is the vital part of the safari, after the stay everyone will come testifying about the amazing, fun experience and learnt about the awesome local culture, traditional, and the environment atmosphere.

Not only the above lodges there are number of other lodges that offer you perfect family safari like Kichwa Tembo, Kicheche Main Camp, Elephant Bedroom in Samburu, Satao camp/Serena Kilaguni in Tsavo national park.

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