Best Time to Visit Kenya

Best Time to Visit Kenya : Kenya is visited by the a variety of the tourists to the country because it is well known for its perfect safaris, including the beach safari, camping safari, picnicking safari, wildlife viewing safari, birdwatching, hiking safaris, and among others. The tourists do organize and prepare a safari to Kenya in order to fulfill their important vital reasons to why, but before anything a tourist is therefore recommended to first to get to know and understand the right period of time to visit Kenya according to the safari to be done.

Tourists have got the reasons to why they choice Kenya as their perfect safari destination, that it Kenya is the country that offers safari to the tourists to go to visit its beautiful coastline around Mombasa of which this is the most stunning, wildlife viewing being the majorly reason to why the tourists visit Kenya with  the special event that happens in the world and happens in between July to October the Great wildebeest migration in Maasai Mara National Reserve, to add on it the big five mammals also attract most of the tourists in the country like the buffalos, lions, elephants, leopards and rhinos, and inclusive other related animal species like the giraffe, hyenas, zebras and also bird watching in Kenya.

Best Time to Visit Kenya
Maasai mara national Reserve

Kenya is best visited from the month of July to September, that’s the period when the country is in the dry season, and it is the same period when there is the Great wildebeest migration , zebras, and gazelles in Maasai Mara National Reserve. The dry season is the best period to visit all the national parks and national reserves of Kenya because the period can offer the best sighting of various animal species like the elephants, lions, buffalos, rhinos, leopards, hippopotamuses and among other at the water points while gathering to look for the water due to the fact that it can be a dry season many animals do gather at the water sources which gives the best viewing of the tourists on a safari.

Though the rainy seasons are also the good times to travel on Kenya Safari, there can be fewer visitors and you can admire the striking vegetation, December is particular the great time to travel to Kenya for a safari that’s when the rains can be short and also here the tourists can be having the chances to spot the newborn animals and the migratory bird species, it is also the perfect time for the bird watchers to visit Kenya, because there can be more new born wildlife  species in the different parks of Kenya and the period is the breeding season for many bird species in the country, thought the only the peak of the ‘long rains’ in March, April and May are very wet.

Visiting Kenya on your safari during the dry season is the perfect moment ever, at the same time the temperatures can be pleasant and mostly dry, that makes it one of the peak times to organize a safari in Kenya there can be the incredible game viewing that can be enjoyed by the tourists in that period of the dry season, with the high Great migration and its height in the Maasai Mara providing lots of the river crossing as the countless wildebeest and zebras gather and cross the Mara and the Talek Rivers.

Best Time to Visit Kenya
Kenya wildlife Tours

The best time to go to Kenya beach safari destinations is the moot point, that is Kenya’s Indian Ocean coast is such known to be humid and hot around the year, though certain rain can fall at any time, however at times it is recommended that tourists can avoid the coast during the period of the mid-March to late May season when the temperatures and rainfall are at their highest.

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