Kite Surfing safari in Diani Beach Kenya

Kite Surfing safari in Diani Beach Kenya : Diani Beach is situated 30 km south of Mombasa, the beach is known as the best beach safari destination that is surrounded by the warm Indian Ocean, with a variety of the beach resort for the tourists in the presence of their stay.

Diani Beach is commonly recommended as the best beach in Kenya in terms of the tropical paradise rolling white sands that is perfect for many activities according to the guests’ choice with the greatest water sports safari destinations like the sunbathing, snorkeling, Diving, kite surfing and many others, the beach is perfect for every age group from the kids to the couples then families a Kenya safari to the Diani Beach is considered as the great milestone one should get from Kenya.

Kite Surfing safari in Diani Beach Kenya
Kite Surfing safari in Diani Beach Kenya

Kitesurfing safari in the Diani beach Kenya.

Kitesurfing in Diani Beach is an epic safari experience, that has a range of the kitespots and it is a perfect conditions for all the skill levels, the Diani Beach is the blast, being made up of the number of the tip top launch drops and it is the hotspot to hang-out for the kitesurfing safari it is known as the first location Kitesurfing safari in Diani beach in the Africa. Diani beach is the perfect spot for the kitesurfing, because the tides are especially strong and has the greatest waves, so riding one if the Kenyan waves will make you feel like you are flying over the ocean, the kite surfers are more into the windsurfing will be delighted with the constant coastal winds.

Kite surfing schools offer different variety of trainings for the beginners but also for the advanced surfers, based on an individual capacity learning kite surfing can take a shorter or longer period of about 6 to 7 hours, there are several kite surfing schools in Diani like the Kite Motion. Kenya Kite Water sports that train the kite surfers to Diani beach. A part from training, one can  hire kite surfing for the entire day and go surf by themselves, that is if they are qualified to do so, for those hiring the gear it comes with a rescue plan just in case of emergencies.

Kite Surfing safari in Diani Beach Kenya
Kite Surfing safari in Diani Beach Kenya

Kitesurfing safari is the perfect for learning and  in order to progress with the shallow flat water, a wide, soft Diani beach of the brilliant white sand, warm water all year around, with such as amazing safe environment and easy beach access to the most very special experience. Diani Beach is such awesome to the guests because it has the most durable atmosphere that is very addictive and makes the Diani Beach great fun on and off the water. Kite surfing promotes the kite sports and the safari excursions to explore the unique features like the wildlife and the amazing breathtaking scenery of Kenya, the water in the Diani Beach is completely free from the rocks and the stones which offers absolute security so therefore no accidents are expected during the kitesurfing safari.

Kite surfing helps the tourists to learn how to kite surf a 3 hour discovery course that combines a taster session, followed by an introduction to the water based kited and the related technical equipment used with the kitesurfing, this is such a great safari along the Diani Beach that is once you get into the kite by the harness its time to fully experience the kite flying, being able to understand and react to the kite’s pull is the next greatest step in kitesurfing here you learn and understand how to steer and control hooked in and stabilize the kite around the wind window and handle the kites lift using the control bar, also the techniques are examined about the re-launch to get the kite up in the sky when it crashes.

Diani Beach is the most attractive safari sports for the kite surfers, it is one of the best kitesurfing on the planet with the best kitesurfing locations and it is good for the beginners and the advanced kite boarders because Diani beach is wide, sandy beach, stable and the constant wind, that makes your stay the most incredible kitesurfing safari holidays.

Kitesurfing safari is always done by the many tourists in order to of the tricks and to see how high and long you can jump off the waves, this is where the kite surfers ride and glide across the water while holding onto a large hand-controlled kite that is powered by the wind, also the kite surfing can be called the kiteboarding and you do not need waves to ride the board on the water it’s the wind and your board should be doing all the work. Kite surfing is great safari in the Dinai Beach because it involves all the fun aspects of other physical sports as you cruise along the water on top of the board while your kite stays in the air and moves you through the wind.

Cost for kite surfing at Diani Beach.

Hiring equipment to surf by yourself is 60 USD or 6000 Ksh for 8 hour.

For training the cost is 50 USD or Ksh 5000 per hour inclusive of the surfing gear.

You purchase a self a comfortable swimwear and sunscreen.

Considerations before going Kite surfing.

In the kite surfing, therefore you are required to beware of the old kites.

If it’s your first time ensure you have a rescue plan even if you know how to swim.

Check the status of the kite surfing gear, make sure it is in good condition before going into the waters.

Ensure there are neat tides, not too low, neither too high.

Accommodation and sports equipment is always available to rent for low prices, bringing your own boards is often expensive, so many people prefer to rent the high quality boards right at the spot, here you cannot get the problems with the possible damage and therefore you will travel with your luggage, where the water sports school Aqualand you can equip yourself with everything a surfer could ask for. And cheap and nice hotels are also available and have decreased for the athletes.

Kite Surfing safari in Diani Beach Kenya
Kite Surfing safari in Diani Beach Kenya

What is the best time to do Kitesurfing at Diani Beach.

December to February and early March is another and great good period of the guaranteed strong winds and the big waves. Diani Beach, is located on the Indian Ocean coast 30km (19 mi) south of Mombasa which is one of the most attractive sports for the Kite surfers in Kenya Safaris.

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