Nairobi National Park

Nairobi National Park Safari Experience

Nairobi National Park Safari Experience : Kenya is the unique safari destination in the entire world with the national park allocated in the city Nairobi. Nairobi National Park is the best destination that welcomes the travelers during their first landing in Kenya. A Kenya safari in Nairobi National Park Kenya is awesome with the vast number of the animal species including the big four animal species of the big five mammals that includes the rhinos, leopards, buffalos, lions the park lacks the elephants inside because of the small size of the park it does not inhabit the elephants.

Nairobi national park is the only world’s only wildlife capital, Nairobi national park is located in south of the Nairobi city and the park is mostly visited because of the proximity to Nairobi city. The park is popularly known for the conservation of the endangered black rhinoceros, which makes the park the most world’s concertation of the large numbers of the rhinos.

Nairobi national park safari experience.

Game drive.

Nairobi national park safari experience is best explored though the game drive safari, as this is the most iconic adventure that allows the travelers to explore the unique ecosystems of Nairobi national park. This is the only national park in the entire world where the tourists adventure the beautiful wildlife outside Nairobi city which is approximately 7 kilometers from the city.

Game drive in Nairobi national park especially in during the morning period, the travelers do experience the wonderful assortment of the wildlife in the park, the tourists enjoy spotting the big four mammals including lions, rhinos, leopard, buffalo and not only the big four mammals there are other animal species that are spotted in Nairobi national park during the game drive includes the cheetahs, hyenas and many others.

Travers enjoy spotting the beautiful Nairobi national park, with its gorgeous and exceptional landscape with the vast presence of the lush forests, valleys, wetlands, green grasslands that offers the incredible habitants of the most fascinating animal species and the beautiful bird species in Nairobi national park. Travelers enjoy the sighting the animal species during the game drive through the lush riverine forests in the park where the tourists enjoy monkeys as they keep swinging through in the branches of the trees in the trees, and as the bird species are whispering everywhere  with the sweet sounds in the park.

Inside the Nairobi national park there is the presence of the Athi River that forms the boundary of Nairobi national park which adds the beauty, thrilling of the park to the travelers who happen to explore Nairobi national park.

Nairobi National Park Safari Experience
Nairobi National Park Safari Experience

Walking safari.

Walking safari in Nairobi national park is the best way to explore the park on foot, which is the best educational way in Nairobi National park. Walking safaris gives the guests a clear picture of exploring the park.

Walking safaris helps the tourists to sight the Kenya’s vast natural diversity and the ecosystems like the forests, savannahs, wetlands. This helps the tourists to spot the animal species in their different habitats as to observe the animal species close which gives the travelers the best safari experience, with animal species including the lions, leopards, cheetahs, hyenas, giraffes and among others, bird species, indigenous plant species and among others.

Travelers on a walking safari in Nairobi national park enjoy the different opportunities like talks, lectures, nursery techniques, tree identification and among others. Walking safaris is done on the wooden walkway visitors to have an aerial view of the amazing landscapes and encountering various animal species.

Bird watching.

Nairobi national park is the birding safari destination with the large numbers of the bird species, together with migratory bird species, endemic bird species. Nairobi national park is best explored through bird watching especially by the bird lovers, where the tourists enjoy spotting the bird species like black-headed heron, Somali bee-eater, common moorhen, blacksmith lapwing, ostriches and among others.

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