Camping places in Kenya

Camping places in Kenya : Camping is an outdoor recreational activity in which groups or individuals spend time in nature most of the rime done inside a tent or other portable shelter materials.  This activity can be done in different terrains such as beaches, forests, campground , National parks and other selected locations.

Camping is one of the best ways to experience what nature has to offer and nothing can be compared to the experience of sleeping under the stars, sounds of the wild during the night ,birds singing in the morning as they welcome the new day. Camping can be done anytime of the year depending on one’s preferred weather, whether hot, cool or even rainy as there are regions that experience unpredictable weather patterns especially the high altitude regions.

Some of the item for camping are:

1:Sleeping gear

A sleeping bag, tent, and a sleeping pad are necessary for a comfortable camping experience. Other materials necessary for a good camping experience is a Maasai shuka and Air pump.


When going for  camping ,it is necessary to carry Headlamp ,flashlight and lanterns to be used at night to provide light for visibility. Other materials include, a lighter, camera ,sharp pocket knife and some pieces of firewood.

3:cooking supplies

This items include,  a stove or a cooking gas with its burners, cooking fuel for stove, utensils  and  cutlery.  The food you carry must be enough to last the entire period of the trip. Plenty of water enough for both cooking and drinking, cooking materials, sugar, cooking oil , salt , onions, tomatoes, and  other cooking ingredients.

4: clothing and comfortable shoes

You should carry appropriate clothing for the climate ,including rain gear, warm layers ,comfortable Hiking shoes ,boots ,socks, gloves and a scarf.


It is important to carry portable music gadgets books ,balls and other forms of entertainment materials.

6: personal items

These are personal items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, toiletries, Rainwear, insect repellents, soaps ,water bottles and other personal effects.

7:sun protection items

This are items such as sunscreens, hats, sunglasses  and other items that protect the skin from direct sun especially on a hot day.

8: First Aid kits

It is important always to carry equipped first aid kits with necessary items such as bandages, pain relievers, antiseptics and other items.

Camping sites in Kenya

1:Malewa Bush Ventures Naivasha

This is a Campsite located in Naivasha next to Kigio wildlife conservancy. It has a breath-taking scenery ,beautiful and lush vegetation. The campsite offers both luxury and dome tents . Malewa Bush Ventures  offer other activities within the camp such as rock climbing,  trekking, boat riding, fishing, and game viewing.

  1. Camp Carnelly’s Naivasha

This is one of the popular camping site in Naivasha with plenty of activities for its visitors such as boat rides into the lake to see hippos, from the camp you can arrange for a visit to Hell’s Gate National Park popular for biking and rock climbing or visit and hike at the crater of Mount Longonot National Park.

It is a popular for city dwellers who would wish to spend their days especially weekends on a quiet and  serene environment outside the city normal life. Carnelly’s campsite has a bar , restaurant, ping pong table ,Volleyball Court and picnic site scattered all over the place. It is best for family or group visitors.

3 . Kiboko luxury camp Naivasha.

Kiboko luxury camp is located at Moi South lake Road Naivasha.  It has eight of its tents facing Lake Naivasha and offering incredible view of the lake. Kiboko has the name suggests ,it has a lot of Hippos.  Kiboko is a swahili word which means Hippo. The camp is also frequently visited by other wildlife such as the Giraffes, Zebras and waterbucks among other animals ,this is what makes Kiboko luxury camp visitor get so close to nature.

From this camp you will be able to hear the hippos all night and have a chance of seeing them during the day from your private veranda. The camp offer boat ride services ,local beers, wines ,beverages guided nature walks and high speed Internet services.

  1. Hells Gate National Park

Hell’s Gate National Park  is a unique small national park in Naivasha known for its wonderful natural formed gorges.  The park has three campsites namely Endachata campsite, Naiburta campsite and Oldubai campsite. The  three campsites are all wonderful places to stay with beautiful landscapes. It is one of the places for a day trip from Nairobi.

The park is known for biking, rock climbing and game viewing . The park is full of diverse wild animals ,Raptors and natural spa.

  1. Kongoni camp Nanyuki, Camping places in Kenya

Kongoni camp is located on Nanyuki, it is from here where the visitors can enjoy the beautiful view of Mount Kenya in the morning.  It is also one of the best places to camp especially if you are planning to climb Mount Kenya, it is appropriate to spend a night or two at Kongoni luxury lodge and campsite.

Kongoni luxury camp and campsite is ideal for visitors trekking the Burguret and Sirimoni routes of Mount Kenya.

Camping places in Kenya
Kongoni camp Nanyuki

6: Bongo campsite Aberdare National Park, Camping places in Kenya

Aberdare National Park has changing landscapes from East to west ,from thick forests of indigenous trees, bamboo, open moorland  and heathland.  The region of Aberdare Ranges has several campsites but Bongo campsite is unique because of its location next to elephants mud pools, this is a perfect spot to see Elephants as they cool off during the day .

  1. Tumbili cliff Baringo

Tumbili campsite is located at the banks of Lake Baringo ,from the camp you will be treated with boat safari to see hippos and crocodiles. It is also one of the best places for bird watcher with over 450 birds species.

8:Rowallan National Scouts camp, Camping places in Kenya

Rowallan National Scouts camp is just 99km from Nairobi City centre  along Kibera drive and adjacent to the Ngong Road Forest Reserve. The attractions of the camp is its caves ,beautiful landscapes, friendly monkeys ,hike routes ,birding area , seasonal river and plenty of Baboons on site.

The campsite covers 30 acres and the remaining 60 acres is being occupied by Ngong forest. The campsite is well maintained with good toilets,  running water taps ,a modern swimming pool,  bathroom , a kitchen and large arena for all outdoor activities.

9: central island National park in Lake Turkana

This is a Campsite located on the rim of a dormant volcano I’m the middle of the largest desert lake in the world,  lake Turkana.  Volcanic rocks cover the ground in Central Island National Park.

10.Kiboko campsite ,Chyulu Hills National Park.

Kiboko campsite is located 1 km from Chyulu Hills Gate. This is a  grassy shaded spot in the middle of intensely green picturesque Chyulu Hills. The campsite is popular for nature enthusiasts as the area is home to diverse wild animals which include antelopes, elephants, Giraffes, bush pigs, buffaloes  and other animals. The  campsite has a stunning view of Mount Kilimanjaro and one can explore the Kisula caves made from lava tubes.

  1. Sabache camp in Mount Ololokwe, Camping places in Kenya

Sabache camp is located in  Northern Kenya at the town of Moyale and the border between Kenya and Ethiopia . Mount Ololokwe is an a 2,000 m flat topped mountain  with sheer cliffs and the unending view of the Samburu plains in Kenya. Mount Ololokwe is a steep two to three hour hike to the top . The camp is located at the bottom of the mountain and it is the ideal place to camp before hiking the mountain.

Lake Paradise special campsite Marsabit.

As the name suggest Lake Paradise special campsite is one of the best ,beautiful camps in the world. There is the Paradise Lake close to the camp which attracts wildlife and you can be able to observe them at close range from the camp. It is located at Marsabit National Park, and it is less visited because of its remoteness but very rewarding with wildlife including the famous big five animals, lion, leopard, Buffalo, Rhinos and  elephants. There also other animals such as Zebras,  antelopes, Giraffes, Hyena, Hartebeest, Thomson’s gazelle, warthogs, Leopards, among other animals.

Amboseli Bush camp Amboseli National park

Amboseli Bush camp is located just a few miles from the parks entrance.  It is one of the fully equipped camps with everything you could need . It has fully packaged tented rooms, a lounge ,books ,cooking equipment and even a pizza oven.

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